Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is upon  us and after all the deflating talk it is finally time for the last football game of the year.  There are those of us in the baseball world that are very happy because that means it is time for baseball to go back to the forefront and we can see spring ahead of us and pitchers and catchers will be reporting very soon. 

The New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks are the two teams competing this year.  The Seahawks are looking for their second straight championship and are led by quarterback Russell Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch and of course have a very good defense if not great defense.  The Patriots are led by their head coach Bill Belichek and their quarterback Tom Brady.  They have heard all the talk for two weeks now about them cheating with deflating footballs and how they have cheated in the past.  I think though this will be a good game and afterwards especially if the Patriots win you will hear more talk about cheating but for the time being it has basically gone away and everyone is focused on the game.  It should be a very good game. 

These are two good defenses and the Patriots have a very good offense.  The Seahawks offense isn't so good but if they run the ball that is pretty much their offense and Wilson has a knack for making big plays at big times.  If the Patriots stop Lynch though, they should be able to win the game.  I am predicting a fairly low scoring game.  I would say 24-17 somewhere in that range and I am going to go with the Patriots.  I know they haven't won the Super Bowl in ten years and they have lost the last two they have been in.  The last two though have been against the New York Giants who have their number and I think they are going to be extra enthusiastic with everything going on and right now they probably are the best team.  I think the Seahawks are very good but haven't been playing their best, they were lucky to make it out of the NFC Championship game and I think they are ready to be knocked off of their throne.  I am picking the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl and then it is on to the business of baseball. 

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