Friday, January 2, 2009

Slow Baseball Month

The Florida Marlins announced today that they have signed former Yankee Scott Proctor. He was signed for 750,000 with a 250,000 incentives clause. I wish him all the luck, i am sure he will do well finally being away from Joe Torre. I expect to see him pitch less then he has in years thanks to having a manager other then Torre. A construction worker fell 12 feet today at the new stadium and got injured. It looks like he will be fine, i hope he can get some tickets for all his hard work and the trauma this caused. I dont know if anyone really payed attention and it isn't about baseball but its related. The Detroit Red Wings defeated the Chicago Blackhawks 4-0 in the winter classic at Wrigley Field. I do think this is a really cool idea and enjoy seeing the outdoor games. I would think at some point they will probably use Citifield or Yankee Stadium but we shall see. I will remind everyone when it gets closer but I will be guest blogging on Peter Abrahams blog on January 21. It is a slow month for baseball and I recommend that everyone check out the guest blogs on his site that started yesterday and run through the first week of February. Make sure you comment on the posts and dont forget about me.

Brett and the Jets

Brett Favre had his MRI and it looks like he has an excuse for his poor play at the end of the year. He had a torn biceps tendon and calcification in the area causing the pain in his shoulder. I hope Brett just bows out quickly here and doesn't play games with the Jets and their fans. They need to move on now with a new coach and get a QB for the future. It will be interesting to see who the quarterback will be if not Favre though, will they go back to Clemons or could the get Matt Cassell or draft someone? The Jets need to handle these two situations well and get that franchise going somewhere otherwise they will be the same old Jets.

Manny being Manny

Reports out of San Francisco are stating that the Giants have offered Manny a 4 year contract. There are no financial details yet, i will be sure to get them to you when I have more information. I find this interesting since the Giants do need a bat and they are used to controversial sluggers. I would think Manny would take the best deal he can get and other then the 2yrs 45million the Dodgers offered there is nothing else until now. I wonder if Manny would be as nice and fuzzy to the press out there as Barroid was.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Eric Mangini

Im a little slow getting around to this, but the Jets went ahead and fired Eric Mangini after a colossal slide to end the season. I do think he probably was deserving of a firing for not getting them into the playoffs after being 8-3 and having a very easy shedule. The question is who replaces him, Bill Cowher took himself out of the running already. They will be interviewing Steve Spagnaulo the Giants Defensive Coordinator, Rex Ryan the Baltimore Ravens Defensive Coordinator amongst others. Mike Shanahan has also been rumored since he got canned by the Denver Broncos. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. I wonder also if Brett Favre will have anything to do with any of the candidates decisions. I think its time for Favre to hang it up, and he should just decide quickly, not turn this into another fiasco like he did with Green Bay. The Jets im sure will find a way to screw this up, since well thats what they do.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye to 08 Hello to 09

It would figure of course that I say nothing is happening and now we get a couple of more signings and trades in baseball. The Anaheim Angels have signed Brian Fuentes to a 2 yr 17.5 million deal with a 9 million option for the third year. The Cleveland Indians traded 3 prospects to the Cubs for Mark DeRosa. The Baltimore Orioles signed Mark Hendrickson to a 1 yr 1.5 million dollar deal. As we close out 08 and look forward to 09 lets reflect a little. We did say goodbye to the Cathedral known as Yankee Stadium as well as every Yankees fans friend Bobby Murcer. We saw the Yankees miss the playoffs for the first time in 13 yrs. The Yankees had Joba hit with a DUI in the offseason. The new year will bring new players and lots of hope, this should be a great year for the Yankees and all involved. We can look forward to CC,AJ,Tex and Joe Girardi being a different person perhaps. We can look at a palace called Yankee Stadium and dream of all the memories this version of the Old Cathedral will bring. We can see the Yankees back to where they belong in and winning the World Series. Lets all look forward to a wonderful 2009. I will be talking about the new stadium in a guest blog on for Peter Abraham of the Journal news on January 21st, all please check out my work, thank you for reading and have a wonderful new years.


There is not too much going on in Baseball since they shut down the sport from Christmas Day through New Years Day. The Boston Red Sox signed Brad Penny. The one Major thing that is going on in Baseball is MLB network goes on the Air starting tomorrow at 6:00PM. They will have a hot stove show followed by Don Larsens 1956 World Series Perfect game. The game will be shown with the original commercials and all, its a must see for all Yankees fans. I have been watching the preview of this network for a couple of weeks and it looks great. Our National Pastime goes full time starting tomorrow, it will be a great way to get all baseball info at anytime. I did hear yesterday that the Mets offered Derek Lowe a 3 yr 36million dollar contract, good for them, i think they should get Manny also. I hope the Sox dont get lowe and end up with nobody other then Tazawa the Japanese pitcher who may have no impact this year anyway. Happy New Years everyone and remember tomorrow our National Pastime goes Full Time.

NFL Playoffs

The playoff matchups have been set. The Atlanta Falcons will visit the Arizona Cardinals at 4:30pm on Saturday. The Cards are 3 point favorites,they finished the year terribly but im not sure if thats just because it didn't matter to them or are they really not that good. The Indianapolis Colts will visit the San Diego Chargers at 8:00PM on Saturday. This to me is a very fascinating game, no one thought the Chargers would make it and they did, and we all know they are better then an 8-8 team. The Colts are just rolling, winning 9 in a row and Peyton Manning definitely being the MVP of the league. I really think who ever wins this game can be a very dangerous team to the higher seeded teams. The Baltimore Ravens visit the Miami Dolphins at 1:00PM on Sunday. I think Miami had an unbelievable year but I think the Ravens will win this game. I am sure Jets fans will be happy, but they did have an incredible year no matter how this one turns out, good job Chad Pennington. The Philadelphia Eagles visit the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday at 4:30PM. The Eagles who at the beginning of Sunday had basically no shot of making the playoffs, found themselves in at the end of the day. They have played great football down the stretch and coming out of the NFC East are very dangerous. I look for the Eagles to win this game and if they play the Giants may have the best chance of upsetting them. The rest of the playoff schedule is Saturday Jan 10th someone at the Titans at 4:30PM and someone at the Panthers at 8:15PM. Sunday Jan 11th someone will be at the Giants at 1:00PM and someone at the Steelers 4:45PM. The Conference Championships will be Sunday January 18 at 3:00PM for the NFC and 6:30PM for the AFC. The Super Bowl is Sunday Feb 1st in Tampa at 6:00PM. This should be fun, the playoffs. I am most interested in the Colts/Chargers,Eagles/Vikings and then it should get fun in the second round and on. Lets Go Giants, Back To Back Super Bowls is what we want, sorry to all the Jets fans, you will have your day eventually though, not sure if you will be around to see it though.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lack of posting

I apologize for the lack of posting, i have a lot of catching up to do. The reason i haven't been posting is that i have been at the hospital with my wife. We had a beautiful baby girl at 9:54am today,8.1oz,21inches long. Her name is Alexandra Brooke Marchese,she now joins the Yankees family as she will be heavily invested in them, thanks to her daddy. I hope to post some pics soon, and update the blog in the coming days. Thanks for your patience and understanding and for reading this blog.

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