Saturday, November 15, 2008


I dont know if there is anyone out there who has even noticed or cares but the Knicks are 6-3. Is that really the knicks or did they put another team in their uniforms. This is the best start that team has had in 10 years and as for the Nets well they are in rebuilding mode-some exciting players though like Devon Harris and Brook Lopez. The New York Rangers are in first place in the division and conference and the Devils have lost Brodeur until February. It looks like they may miss the playoffs this year. If anyone would like to add anything especially regarding the NBA which i dont know much about and really since the days of MJ,Bird,Magic I really dont care all that much please share.

NFL-Week 11

NFL week 11 will be in full swing tomorrow. There are a few interesting games to look at. Who would of thought that the Giants and Jets would both be in first place this late in the season. We have the Ravens and Giants which should be interesting with the number 1 rush D against the number 1 rushing O. I look for the Ravens to try and stop the run and Plaxico Burress to have a break out game. I am looking at Giants 24 Ravens 17. The Redskins and Cowboys should be a good game. I am rooting for the Cowboys, ok i know how can a Giants fan root for the Bo wys? Well if the Boys beat the Skins then everyone in the division has at least 4 losses and if the Giants win they have 1 and would have beaten all those teams at least once. It would take a miracle at that point to beat the Giants out for the division. The Jets fans will look at the Chargers at Pittsburgh. If Pittsburgh loses the Jets can really start looking at maybe getting a 2 seed in the playoffs which would give them homefield and a bye. Wouldn't it be interesting if the Giants and Jets both make the Championship game,what would they do since they both play at Giants Stadium. Everyone enjoy the games and lets Go Giants.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Its being reported on that the yankees have offered CC 6 yrs for slightly more then santanas money. The braves are out on Jake Peavy its being reported, does that mean the Yankees and Angels could become involved, could be. I see that the Mets are going to try and compete with the Yanks for CC, good move but are they kidding themselves? Do they really think they can outbid the Yankees for him? I see that the yankees are readying offers for AJ Burnett and Derek Lowe also, are they trying to get all 3 and then have Joba and Wang and forget Pettitte. If thats the case then they wont sign Tex for sure, but I have a feeling they will not end up with Lowe, he will be with the Mets or Red Sox and they will get CC,AJ and then they can still get Texiera. I know people think they cant do that, but come on they have 800 million in revenue this year and 88 million coming off the books, they can do anything they want. I was suprised at the Athletics getting Holliday but i can see them moving him by trade deadline if they are out of contention. As far as the Mets go I really think they should just sign Krod and Derek Lowe and trade Carlos Delgado. They have collapsed 2 years in a row and if they dont change that core they man never get past that. I think Krod is fine, the guy may have lost velocity but he still can get people out which we all know the Mets have had trouble doing in the 9th inning. The Mets have a new stadium also and plenty of money so they need to get this done.

Jets/Pats and Giants

HI everyone, what a win for the Jets last night. Of course they made it a lot harder then it should have been, but a wins a win right? I know all of you Jets fans are dreaming big right now and why not, but i would be careful with that and just focus on winning the division first and then see how the playoffs set up. As for the Giants fans out there like myself, well what can you say they are just a train coming through. I dont see how if they lock up the 1 seed in the NFC that anyone can beat them, but they do have the toughest schedule the rest of the way so we shall see what happens. I will be looking at some other games later on tonight or tomorrow and will be back later with a look at the NFL as a whole.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Free agency

Ok everyone we are just over an hour to go until the bidding can officially begin. Expect to hear at some point tomorrow the Yanks have offered 6 yrs 150 million to CC and I expect he will sign by thanksgiving. I still think the Yankees are going to go after TEX but we will see, let me know your thoughts. I expect Tex to drag out. I do think Melky will be gone but lets see how this all transpires, very exciting stuff.


That was a very good first half for the Jets and all of their fans out there. That was a huge TD for the Pats right before the end of the half. I dont know if i will get to post before the end of the game or if i will do that tomorrow. Enjoy the game, anyone who is watching and looking at this blog let me know what you think so far.
Hi everyone, well what a great day for me to get started with this venture. The New York Yankees have traded Wilson Betemit,Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez to the Chicago Whitesox for Nick Swisher and Kanekoa Texiera a minor league pitcher. Well we all know Betemit was only great in the Yankees minds but never amounted to much. Jeff Marquez I had the pleasure of meeting and what a great kid he is, good luck to him and Nunez was only hear for a few months last year in the minors. I think this deal is good. All of you out there that thinks this precludes the Yanks from getting TEX dont think that, if they do get Tex they will play Swisher in CF or LF, this just gives them flexibility. Nick swisher is young a pretty good defender, a switch hitter and has a good heart, more of that grinder that we love so much. I believe part of the Yanks problems have been having guys like Giambi and Abreu who really dont care so much win or lose as long as they get their money and numbers. With Swisher and Nady this changes the dynamic and also we are getting younger.

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