Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yanks/Red Sox recap

The game today in Fenway Park was a wild one but the bottom line is that the Yankees let another one get away. A.J. Burnett had a 6-0 lead and was cruising through the first 3 innings looking unhittable and then just imploded giving up 8 runs in 5 innings. The bullpen wasn't much better giving up 8 more runs and running through Jose Veras, Phil Coke, Jon Albaladejo, Dave Robertson, Edwar Ramirez, Damaso Marte. The Yankees desperately need Andy Pettitte to go out tomorrow night and stop the bleeding by pitching a good game and going deep to rest this bullpen. If the Yankees can get one they will salvage the series although it will still be disappointing but then they have to move on to Detroit have a good series and come back home and play well. The Yankees right now are a mess after this weekend but that is the way it goes sometimes in Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox are hot right now and look unbeatable at home and the Yankees need to put an end to that tomorrow night. The bright side today was the offense, Robinson Cano had two homeruns and basically everyone was involved, Mark Teixeira walked 5 times tying a team record.

Updates roster moves

Brian Bruney had his MRI and he has a strained flexor mass. He will not throw for a week and could be back in two to three weeks. Humberto Sanchez was released as he has been a huge disappointment since coming over in the Gary Sheffield trade. Angel Berroa will be the everday third baseman, he hasn't really played third in the majors but has been hitting well and has much more pop then Cody Ransom so that may not be the worst thing, it will be interesting to see if he is bad if A-rod gets rushed back. Phil Hughes will be taking Wang's spot in the rotation as expected and will remain there. Joe Girardi said it wouldn't be fair to have him make one start and then decide from start to start, he is in the rotation. I am very excited to see Mark Melancon and we have seen some of Dave Robertson already, they are two power arms that could become late inning guys in this bullpen for a long time to come, this is their oppurtunity as well as Phil Hughes. Phil Hughes gets to redeem himself and see what happens.

Yankees at Red Sox

Mark Melancon won't be at the park until 5:30 so they will make another 40 man move later on. Here are pregame notes and lineups via Peter Abraham The Yankees had won 86 straight games when leading after eight innings until last night. Last night was only the third blown save out of 44 on the road for MO Phil Coke appears to be back, he has pitched 3 1/3 innings with no runs and one hit allowed. Nick Green is on fire filling in at shortstop for the Red Sox going 10 for his last 28 with 6 extra base hits. Robinson Cano has a 11 game hitting streak and has hit safely in 25 of the last 26 games he has played. Nick Swisher has been on base at least once in all 16 games played this season. Cody Ransom was placed on the 60 day DL. The lineups are as follows Yankees Jeter(ss) Damon(lf) Teixeira(1b) Swisher(rf) Cano(2b) Posada(c) Matsui(dh) Berroa(3b) Gardner(cf) Red Sox Ellsbury(cf) Pedroia(2b) Ortiz(dh) Youkilis(1b) Drew(rf) Bay(lf) Lowell(3b) Varitek(c) Green(ss) The game is on Fox at 4:05pm, enjoy the game everyone it should be a dandy.

Melancon and Berroa on the way To Boston

Angel B berroa has been called up to take Cody Ransoms spot on the roster and play third base until A-rod gets back. Angel Berroa has a much better bat then Ransom he was hitting 312 in AAA-Scranton this year after having a very good spring. Dave Robertson was announced last night as replacing Chien-Ming Wang on the roster but it looks like Mark Melancon is also being called up. I know one of these guys will be replaced on Tuesday when Phil Hughes needs to come up and replace Wang but I do think eventually these guys will be in the bullpen for the long haul and this is there chance to shine. I will be back later on with more as it develops, I wonder if this is serious for Bruney or they will just put him on the 15 day DL as a precaution.

Mo Blows game but he is not to blame

The story of the game will be that Mariano Rivera blew a two run lead with two outs in the ninth giving up a two run homerun to Jason Bay to tie the game and lead to a walkoff homerun in extra innings and the Yankees losing the game. I don't think anyone ever expects Mariano Rivera to blow a save especially a two run save with two outs but he is human and the Red Sox know him better then any other team. The real story of the game is the Yankees continued inability to score runs with runners in scoring position. The New York Yankees coming into the game were third worst in the league with runners in scoring position and then went out and were four for nineteen last night with runners in scoring position. This is unacceptable and just shouldn't continue to happen for this team, they don't do the little things right, I like the fact that Joe Girardi trys and steal, hit and run and bunt when he can but when they need a sac fly they don't get it or when they need a ground ball they don't get it. I blame one guy and that is the hitting coach Kevin Long, I still don't know how this guy has a job as I think he is just horrible, last year was bad and he had the excuse of the injuries but there is no excuse this year, No A-rod I know but they have everone else and this just can't continue. I think this team is too focused on hitting homeruns and not the little basehit or sac fly. A perfect example was last night in the ninth inning when they had a 4-2 lead and the bases loaded and no outs. Robinson Cano was up and instead of hitting the ball in the air what does he do, hits it to second with the infield in for a 4-2-3 double play. How can Cano even think of hitting the ball on the ground, because he is trying to pull the ball through the hole and getting two rbis, Kevin Long should be telling him before he comes up, you need to hit a fly ball. I know he is a major leaguer and shouldn't need to be told but what is the hitting coach for then. I just think it is the whole approach and he doesn't drill into these guys the little things like that, if they hit two fly balls and take a 6-2 lead instead of 4-2 then they win the game but once Boston got out of that mess they felt they had a chance and took advantage of it. I don't know how much longer this can go on but at some point this season if this continues I wonder if the talk of Kevin Long getting fired will heat up, Don Mattingly would never let this happen but I don't think he would come back.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yankees at Red Sox

Here are some pregame notes via Peter Abraham of the Journal News and The Yankees are 19-17 in the last two years against the Red Sox, only 3 runs seperate them in those 36 games which is amazing. Nick Swisher has a 433 obp but is four for his last twenty-five with one rbi, 2 xbh and 7 strikeouts. Derek Jeter has four homeruns in his first 59 at bats this year which is the quickest he has done that since 1999 when it took him 36 at bats. Melky Cabrera has had his last four hits all be homeruns. Hideki Matsui is six for his last fourteen after starting four for twenty-seven. Robinson Cano has hit safely in twenty-four of twenty-five games dating back to last year. He is batting 367 with six walks. The Yankees have hit one homerun in their last nine games. The Yankees bullpen has allowed one run over the last twelve innings. Here are the lineups Yankees Jeter(ss) Damon(lf) Teixera(1b) Posada(c) Swisher(rf) Cano(2b) Cabrera(cf) Molina(c) Ransom(3b) Boston Ellsbury(cf) Pedroia(2b) Ortiz(dh) Youkilis(1b) Drew(rf) Bay(lf) Lowell(3b) Varitek(c) Green(ss) Chien-Ming Wang is not there and may not be coming back to the team. He is being examined by Dr. Mark Lindsay the rehab specialist who has been working with A-rod. I would expect later on tonight that he is placed on the DL and Phil Hughes is announced as Tuesdays starter. Joe Girardi said that today was A-rod's best day of rehab and he is very close to playing in minor league games which would put him in line to be back probably the first week of May if he has no setbacks which I have been predicting for a while. They really need A-rod but I hope he doesn't rush himself. Enjoy the show tonight everyone and be back later with any info if it develops.

Rivalry Renewed

Tonight it all starts again with Boston and New York tied at 9-6, they are in second place behind Toronto but no one really believes that is going to last. Joba Chamberlain pitches tonight and it will be interesting to see if there are any fireworks with Kevin Youkilis tonight as they do have a history. Tomorrow is the premiere game with old teammates A.J. Burnett facing Josh Beckett, A.J. is undefeated in his career against the Red Sox and was 3-0 last year with a eraam under 1. The last game is Andy Pettitte the veteran of these wars facing Justin Materson. This should be a fun weekend, the weather will be nice. It all kicks off tonight at 7:00 on YES. Tomorrow the game is at 4:00 on Fox and the final game is Sunday night at 8:00PM on ESPN. Everyone enjoy your afternoon and rest up as it will be a crazy weekend. I will be back later with lineups and some notes. This series will be a lot different without A-rod but Mark Teixera will be the new villain. He spurned the Red Sox for the Yankees and I am sure the fenway faithful will let him have it tonight and throughout the weekend. A.J. Burnett has pitched here and heard lots of things as a Blue Jay but never experienced the rivalry and it will be another level for him. Nick Swisher will probably relish this as he has a great personality for this. CC Sabathia won't pitch this weekend but I am sure will hear jabs about his weight while he is stretching and out there pregame.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mets swept away in St Louis

The Mets lost to the St. Louis Cardinals today by the score of 12-8 getting swept in the three game series. The Mets are now 6-9 on the season. The bullpen has been good but the problem for the Mets is after Johan Santana they don't have any pitching. John Maine hasn't seemed to get past his shoulder problems, Oliver Perez is well Oliver Perez and Mike Pelfrey is already hurt. Livan Hernandez was pitching pretty well until getting shelled today. The Mets also have a problem hitting in the clutch and doing little things. I like Jerry Manuel but it just seems this core of players doesn't get it, they still don't always hustle and they just don't seem to do the little things to win games. This team more then any other needed to get off to a good start after the last two years. The season is young and there is a long way to go but there is reason to be concerned with this team, they can get healthy now on the Washington Nationals but lets see what happens.

Arod update from Tampa

Alex Rodriguez ran the bases for the second straight day. He ran from the plate to first base four times after swinging a bat. He went from first to second base six times. He took 28 swings at curveballs from a pitching machine for the first time and then took sixty-three swings in regular batting practice. Joe Girardi says that he needs to slide before he gets into rehab games and then can come back, I suspect that may be coming in the near future though.

Wangs Day updated

Chien-Ming Wang threw seven innings giving up nine hits, five runs, four of which were earned. I said earlier he had no walks and eleven strikeouts and threw 91 pitches, 70 for strikes. The question is what does all of this mean, really nothing as it is hard to judge a guy when we didn't see him pitch, also he was pitching to minor leaguers with minor leaguers fielding behind him. The best thing for him is that he got up to ninety-one pitches as he needs to build that arm strength, with him averaging ninety-one that is still down from his normal and although he is expected to rejoin the team in Boston tomorrow I would expect to see Phil Hughes pitching Tuesday in Detroit. I think he needs to make at least a couple of more starts down there getting his pitch count up to the 100s and getting his velocity back and then he will be ready to rejoin the rotation. The question of course is if Phil Hughes is pitching well how do you swap out Hughes for Wang, well I don't think you would then, you would probably use Wang as the long man for now and see how it all plays out. Phil Hughes has looked good but that is AAA and he still has to prove it consistantly at the major league level. I am a big fan of Hughes and I think this is a good second chance for him if he gets it, he is healthy and as long as he stays healthy he is poised for a big year.

Initial report on Wang

Peter Abraham has a initial report on Chien-Ming Wang. He threw 91 pitches 70 for strikes. He had eleven strikeouts with no walks. He was averaging around 91 mph, no news yet on the hits, runs etc. Nardi Contreras the pitching coordinator for the Yankees said that he needs to build up his arm strength which is a indicator that he will be going on the DL. I will have more updates later when the news rolls in.

Pitching Matchups for Weekend in Boston

Friday- Joba Chamberlain vs Jon Lester Saturday- A.J. Burnett vs Josh Beckett Sunday-Andy Pettite vs Justin Masterson Friday pits two struggling young pitchers, lets see if Youkilis and Joba have anymore issues. Big Papi already fired a warning at Joba saying don't throw at anyone, you have to ea learn respect around the leauge. Saturday is a great matchup of former teammates and Sunday it would seem the Yankees have the advantage although Masterson has been pitching well, should be a fun weekend in Boston as both teams are tied with each other.

Off Day for Yanks but not a quiet one

The Yankees are off today but there will be news later as Chien-Ming Wang is pitching in a extended spring training game in Tampa. I would be suprised if they don't announce later today that he still needs to work on things and is going on the DL. Phil Hughes is ready to come up and make up for last year and it can't be any worse then Wang has pitching, I am sure it will be better. I also wouldn't be suprised to hear a A-rod update later on today from Tampa, I still think he may be back the first week of May but we will see. I know the Yankees are cautious but he has looked good so far and I know he wants to come back as quick as possible.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Phil Hughes is Ready if called upon

Phil Hughes made the start for the AAA Scranton Yankees tonight and pitched well. If the Yankees are looking at bringing him up to take Chien-Ming Wangs spot in the rotation well he is trying to help make their decision. I honestly don't know what Wang has to show them tomorrow to make his next start which would be in Detroit on Tuesday but I am sure it would have to be something really fantastic. Here are Phil Hughes numbers so far this year including tonights start. He has pitched nineteen and a third innings giving up eleven hits with three walks and nineteen strikeouts. He is 3-0 with a 1.86 era, the most important thing for him is health and so far he has been healthy and pitching great. I really expect to see Phil Hughes up pitching in Detroit looking to redeem himself after a terrible year last year when he was trusted with a spot in the rotation. I would like to hear some thoughts on this topic, so please comment and let me know your opinions. The other question is if Phil Hughes comes up and pitches well you would think he would keep pitching but then what do the Yankees do with Chien-Ming Wang?? I would assume he would go to the bullpen and try and straighten himself out but if Phil Hughes grabs this oppurtunity then hey good for him. The bottom line is winning games and the Yankees have to do what they feel is best for the team so we will stay tuned.

Yanks win wild one

The New York Yankees outlasted the Oakland Athletics today by a score of nine to seven. Melky Cabrera hit a walkoff homerun in the fourteenth inning to send the Yankeees into their off day happy. CC Sabathia got the start and struggled but the boxscore looks worse then it was. He pitched 6 2/3 innings giving up seven runs on six hits, 6 runs were earned. He gave up four walks and had two strikeouts. His main problem has been his control but he will get it together. The best thing he does though is give the Yanks some length. The bullpen was outstanding in this game, Phil Coke got out the one guy he faced. Jon Albaladejo and Mariano Rivera pitched scoreless innings each. Damaso Marte pitched 1/3 of an inning with one walk and strikeout, Edwar Ramirez pitched 1 1/3 scoreless innings giving up a hit and walk. Jose Veras was the star today, he had been struggling but he pitched 3 1/3 scoreless innings today giving up only a walk, he had four strikeouts. The offense was led by Melky Cabreras two homeruns, Johnny Damon was three for five with two walks. Mark Teixera, Hideki Matsui and Jorge Posada each had two hits. Cano, Matsui, Teixera and Swisher each had a rbi. The offense seemed enemic though after the seventh inning until Melky hit the walkoff homerun. This was really a wild and crazy game, wierd plays and all, exciting win though. The Yankees really needed to win this game heading into Fenway, the Red Sox won their sixth in a row earlier and are gunning for their seventh in a row tonight. The Yankees really are playing well other then the games Wang pitches. Chien-Ming Wang will pitch tomorrow in Tampa and we will see what happens but unless he just dominates I see him going on the DL and Phil Hughes getting called up. I will try and post the matchups for the Boston Series later. Derek Jeter played in his 1000th game today so congratulations to him. Jorge Posada caught all fourteen innings and threw out a guy in extra innings so that was a good day for him. I wonder if Melky Cabrera will get the start on Friday in CF?? I know I would play him and see if he keeps hitting. If you haven't checked out Kim Jones blog please do, it is a must read. She does a great job not only on the YES network but with the blog as well. The link is

Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees

The game today is a 1:05pm start. The Yankees are going for a rain shortened two game sweep of this series. CC Sabathia is on the mound and will be looking to be more economical then he was in his last start. Brett Anderson is on the mound for Oakland, he is a 21 year old future star. This could be a good matchup as the Yankees tend to struggle with these young pitchers that they have never seen before. The lineup for todays game is as follows: Derek Jeter(ss) Johnny Damon(lf) Mark Teixera(1b) Jorge Posada(c) Robinson Cano(2b) Nick Swisher(rf) Hideki Matsui(dh) Melky Cabrera(cf) Cody Ransom(3b) The game is also on WCBS 880 radio in NY for most of us that are working today. Here are a few notes for the game via Peter Abraham of the Yankees lohud blog and Journal News. Oakland has gone six games without a homerun and only have three all year which is lowest in the majors. Robinson Cano a career 237 hitter in April is at 377 with 8 games to go in April this year. Nick Swisher is three of his last twenty-one. Mariano Rivera has thrown 12.2 scoreless innings in a row dating back to last year.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Andy and Mo tie record as Yanks win

The New York Yankees defeated the Oakland Athletics by the score of five to three tonight. Andy Pettitte got the start and pitched seven strong innings giving up two runs. Brian Bruney actually gave up a couple of hits and a run in the eighth but got the ball to MO with the two run lead. Mariano Rivera shut the door in the ninth giving up a single but that was it. Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera tied Dennis Eckersely and Bob Welch record of most combined wins/saves from teammates with fifty-seven. Johnny Damon hit a solo homerun and had another RBI for the offense, Mark Teixera had a walk and RBI single and Brett Gardner had a two run single. He also made a great catch in centerfield robbing Jason Giambi of a extra base hit and had a stolen base. Derek Jeter had a couple of hits and a walk and Jorge Posada went two for four. Hideki Matsui went two for three with a walk as he has looked better the last couple of days so hopefully they can just watch his knees and give him some rest when he needs it and he will be ok. Cody Ransom did have a hit but he looks lost at the plate and isn't playing great defense either, I wonder if when A-rod gets back if he goes back to the bench or to AAA-Scranton and they may bring someone else up or leave Ramiro Pena as the utility infielder. The Yankees play a 1:00pm game tomorrow with CC Sabathia on the hill against young lefty Brett Anderson. They will have a off day on Thursday and then head up to Boston for the first installment of the Rivalry 2009.

Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees

The lineup for todays game has been posted and here it is: Jeter(ss) Damon(lf) Teixera(1b) Posada(c) Cano(2b) Swisher(rf) Matsui(dh) Ransom(3b) Gardner(cf) Some notes courtesy of Peter Abraham: The Yankees are batting 125 with runners in scoring position at home so far this year. Brian Bruney has retired 20 straight batters, his last seven outings 6.2 perfect innings striking out twelve. Big Tex the last three games is three for nine with two homeruns, four rbis and three walks. I say that cortisone shot has seemed to help him. He needs four more hits for one thousand in his career. The Yankees have homered in seven straight games. Today is Johnny Damons one thousandth career game and tomorrow is Derek Jeters. The Athletics are 2-5 with a 202 batting average against lefties this year.

New York Yankees news and notes

I am hopeful of the Yankees playing tonight since it has only been misting all morning but not sure what is going to happen tonight. If the game is played it will be Andy Pettitte vs Dana Eveland. Jason Giambi must be chomping at the bit to get started as he makes his return I am sure to applause. The Big G is a charachter and the fans grew to love him. Brian Cashman is supposed to announce at some point today what the plan for Chien-Ming Wang is other then skipping him on Friday. I don't think they will send him down exposing him to waivers but I can see them putting him on the DL and calling up Phil Hughes. Freddy Schulmann aka Freddy Sez known to be the unofficial mascot of the Yankees for as long as I can remember has been forced to buy tickets at the new stadium. He was let in to the stadium for the Home opener but was told he couldn't get in without tickets for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday games. He was lucky enough to have fans give him tickets but this is a disgrace. The fans all know and love Freddy and he should be allowed in, the Yankees say it was miscommunication and everything will be fine starting tonight so we will see. In the old stadium the team and Modells each bought half the tickets for him but he doesn't really need a ticket since he just walks around and stands during the games with his pan and spoon getting the crowd into the game.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rotation set

The team announced the rotation for the rest of the week and it is as follows: Tuesday-Andy Pettitte Wednesday-CC Sabathia Thursday-Off Day Friday-Joba Chamberlain Saturday-A.J. Burnett Sunday-Andy Pettitte This means that Chien-Ming Wang is being skipped but no one is sure as of yet when he will pitch next and also what role it will be in, stay tuned for that.

Yankees News

The only news with the pitching is that Andy Pettitte will pitch tomorrow. There has been no official decision on Wang but I am sure he won't be making a start this time through the rotation. We will see what they decide to do with the rest of the rotation either tonight or tomorrow. There was good news out of Tampa today as A-rod continues to progress in his rehab. He took seventy-five swings and hit ten homeruns. He also fielded grounders and threw to first and second. Joe Girardi said today that he thinks it will be a couple of more weeks before he gets into games but I just don't see that. I have a feeling by the end of this week or early next week he could see game action. Joe Girardi said the big test will be if he can slide and have no problems with that. He also needs to do full speed sprints and running the bases although he does run at the beginning and end of his drills.

Yankees game postponed

The game tonight between the Oakland Athletics and New York Yankees has been postponed and will be made up in July. There is no official date yet.

What to do with Wang

It looks like the Yankees are going to skip Chien-Ming Wangs start on Friday in Fenway Park. They have a off day on Thursday and it looks like they may have Wang throw a simulated game of 80-100 pitches, they can also stop him during the game and correct some mechanical issues. They then will have him make his next start after that which would be Wednesday in Detroit. If he doesn't make significant progress whatever that is to them then they would call up Phil Hughes to take his spot and put him in the pen as the long man. Phil Hughes has been pitching well down in AAA Scranton and also pitched well in spring training. I think I would of put him on the DL and sent him down to Florida to work with Pitching guru Billy Conners but this seems like a reasonable compromise. I know a lot of people are worried about the pen but the back end of Bruney and MO is solid and honestly I think the rest has been affected by Wangs poor performances. I think Coke will be ok and Marte has his struggles but they will have to use him as the lefty specialist and try to get him right that way. Albaladejo has pitched well, I think in another month or so you will see Melancon and Robertson instead of Veras and Ramirez anyway which is the right way to go and those guys are strikeout machines and young. I know a lot of people say 7-6 is a bad start but in the games Wang doesn't pitch they are 7-3 so I think its just a matter of taking care of Wang one way or another and otherwise they are fine, A-rod will be back soon enough which will be a huge help and I wouldn't be suprised to see Melky playing more instead of Gardner if he continues to struggle, Melky has been playing well.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pitching Matchups for Oakland series

Here are the scheduled pitching matchups for the Oakland series Monday- Andy Pettitte vs Dana Eveland 7:00pm start Yes/ESPN Tuesday-CC Sabathia vs Brett Anderson-7:00pm start MY 9 Wednesday- Joba Chamberlain vs Josh Outman-1:05pm start YES The Yankees will hope that Andy Pettitte continues his strong start and Dana Eveland made one start against the Yankees last year losing. CC Sabathia will look to be more economical in his start, he had a 6.62 era against Oakland last year in three starts while with the Indians. Anderson is a 21 year old rookie who will be making his third career start. Joba Chamberlain will look to bounce back from his last start and Outman will be making only his seventh career start for Oakland. The interesting thing about this series is that all of Oaklands starters are lefties, with out A-rod and Nady being hurt the Yankees really take a hit with their righty power but Posada and Teixera are switch hitters as well as Nick Swisher so maybe the can counteract this. I don't know what Joe is thinking and I know he loves Brett Gardner but I would look at giving Melky a couple of starts in center and see if he can continue his hot hitting and if he does leave him in there as Gardner is struggling.

Mets lose finale

The New York Mets were going for the sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers today but didn't get it losing by the score of 4-2. I have not been paying attention to the Mets lately on this blog and I have catching up to do so I apologize to the Mets fans and promise to do a better job. Nelson Figueroa made the start in place of Mike Pelfrey and went six innings giving up three runs on five hits with two walks and three strikeouts. Sean Green pitched a scoreless inning giving up a hit with two strikeouts. Pedro Feliciano struck out the only batter he faced and Bobby Parnell pitched one and a third innings giving up two hits and a run with a strikeout. The offense was stymied again as this has been a theme early on, last year also they didn't come through in the clutch. Jose Reyes and Daniel Murphy were both three for five, Reyes had a rbi. David Wright was 0-4 with three men left on base and Carlos Delgado was one for four with a rbi but he left four men on base. Carlos Beltran was two for three with a walk. The Mets lost there opening series of Citi Field to the San Diego Padres two games to one and one this series two games to one. Johan Santana has simply been brilliant pitching to a 0.46 era but after him Perez who was good in his last start is always a question. The Mets don't know if teh good Perez or bad Perez will show up from game to game and John Maine hasn't looked great trying to come back from shoulder surgery, Mike Pelfrey has a injury and Livan Hernandez is the fifth starter which is fine as long as he can eat up some innings for the Mets. The Mets head to St Louis to start a three game series on Tuesday.

Hip Hip Jorge

The New York Yankees defeated the Cleveland Indians today by a score of seven to three. A.J. Burnett made the start and didn't have great control walking seven batters which I think was helped along by the umpire. He only gave up three hits and three runs though in 6 1/3 innings. Jon Albaladejo was the star pitcher though getting out of a bases loaded one out jam in the seventh. Brian Bruney pitched another perfect inning and Mo slammed the door giving up a hit but had two strikeouts. The offense was stymied early by Carl Pavano who retired the first ten batters he faced before Derek Jeter got a double. Mark Teixera had a rbi single and a walk and also got robbed of a hit. Jorge Posada was the star of the offense though pinch hitting in the seventh inning and hitting a two run homerun. The homerun was controversial as it was replayed and took eight and a half minutes for them to decide although they ruled it a homerun on the field and came back with the same decision. The homerun that was hit today is a problem in the New Stadium as Michael Kay mentioned on the Yes network broadcast and was also brought up by Peter Abraham on his blog and I am sure many others. The problem is that in the old stadium after the Jeffrey Maier game in 1996 when he reached over and interfered with a ball that was ruled a homerun the Yankees put security there so no one could do that anymore. The new stadium has seats right up against the wall so they can't do that anymore and any balls that are close like that have a chance to be a potential interference and lots of replays which could be a problem. The game saw a record set for most homeruns in any park in the history of baseball for four games. The new stadium also had the most homeruns hit to open a new stadium ever in the first three games. I don't know if this is good or bad yet but I suspect it will benefit the Yankees as they should have better pitching then most teams and have some firepower especially when A-rod comes back, he must be salivating at getting back and hitting the ball to right field. The Yankees will open up a three game series with old friend Jason Giambi aka The Big G and the Oakland Athletics tomorrow weather permitting.

Yankees vs Indians

The Yankees will try and get a split of this four game series. The Yankees have opened the New Stadium going 1-2 which isn't very good. The game yesterday was a complete embarrassment but Wang is just killing the Yankees not only by getting bombed but also by not going more then a couple of innings in any of his games. Carl Pavano aka American Idle will be on the mound today against the Yankees and they need to knock him around to show how much we appreciated his time in New York. The Yankees called up Steven Jackson and it looks like Anthony Claggett is the one that will be sent back to Scranton, I wonder if Joe Girardi is regretting his decision now to not carry a long reliever. Here is the lineup for the Yankees: Gardner(cf) Jeter(ss) Damon(lf) Teixera(1b) Swisher(rf) Cano(2b) Matsui(dh) Ransom(3b) Molina(c) The game is on the Yes network at 1:00pm and also on Wcbs radio 880 NY. Enjoy the game and your Sunday everyone. I will be back with more information later on if there is any regarding roster moves and also Chien-Ming Wang.

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