Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Early Thoughts from New York Yankees Spring Training

Spring Training started about two weeks ago, just about three weeks ago.  The games are being played now and the season is just around the corner.  I have some thoughts from the early days of spring training.  I used to do all the box scores from spring training as I do in the regular season but that got to be too much as there are so many minor leaguers and players being used.  You can always follow me on twitter at gmarchesej for some game recaps etc.

Miguel Andujar has been playing a lot of left field and he looks really good out there.  I am a bit surprised but this is great news for the Yankees as we all know he can hit.  I can also see him playing some third and DH, they say first as well but I just don't see that.

The injury bug has hit again and hit pretty hard.  I think Luis Severino injury hurts but they can withstand it.  I am more sad for him as a player and person since he will be out for so long.  The rotation with Cole, Tanaka, Happ, Montgomery and whoever wins the fifth spot can withstand it especially if Paxton comes back in May and stays healthy the rest of the way.  Remember also that in early June German will be eligible to come back.

The Yankees bullpen still is loaded every with Dellin Betances going to the Mets.  The guys like Ottavino, Britton, Kahnle have all looked good so far this spring.

It looks like Judge and Stanton will start the year on the IL and if that is the case watch for Andujar, Frazier etc,  I believe they can step up and contribute mightily.

Cole, I can't believe I have gone this far without mentioning him.  He is as impressive as they come.  We all know the hype and have heard how great he is.  Now seeing him up close and personal, he really is impressive and not just on the mound.  He is going to be great for a long time.

An interesting thing to watch for is now this year you can have a 26 man roster, who will that extra bench player be.  We know the backup catcher, utility infielder and extra outfielder but will a guy like Tyler Wade make it.  Will Mike Ford as a lefty bat, pinch hitter and extra first baseman make it.  It should be interesting to watch.

I will be back soon with more thoughts and eventually some predictions for the season.  I will also do a Mets blog soon.


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