Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wang gets rocked again

The New York Yankees lost a brutal game today to the Cleveland Indians by the score of 21-4. Chien-Ming Wang lasted 1 1/3 innings giving up 8 runs. He has been shelled in all three of his starts and is just lost right now. The Yankees and Wang say that he is not hurt and that they can't send him to the minors because he has no options and he would have to agree to it. They did acknowledge that they may skip his next start which is friday at Boston. Wang usually gets hit around by Boston so I would say definitely skip it but I also think they need to talk to him and get him to AAA and work things out for a while, Phil Hughes could come up and start for him. The Yankees are now 6-6 and 0-3 when Wang pitches without even having a chance in those 3 games, so the other 9 games they are 6-3 which is good, he is single handedly killing the team, losing 3 games for them. I wonder how long the Yankees will keep saying he is fine and will find it before they do something they really don't want to do?? The only highlights of the game for the Yankees were Mark Teixera and Melky Cabrera hitting two run homeruns. This park is really playing small as there are a ton of balls flying out, I think A-rod better hurry up as he is going to blast a ton out of the New Stadium. There isn't much else to say about this game. I will say that I do like my new seats, I really thought I would hate them. The New Stadium does look like the old stadium when your just concentrating on the field. I do like how they put the retired numbers on a wall in the bleachers, the sound system also seemed to be fixed from the exhibtion games.
All i can say is send wang to the minors. i just witnessed a good fight one section over half the section got ejected
Tex goes deep 2-0 yanks

Yankees vs Indians

I don't have the lineups for todays game and may not in the next half hour before I head out to the stadium. If I don't have them I will try and post them through the mobile feed. I do have some pregame news though, Anthony Claggett has been called up to NY, not sure who is being sent down but we should know that soon enough. Chien-Ming Wang gets the start and better be a lot better then he was in his other two starts, if not I think there is a chance he gets sent down to work things out and maybe we could see Phil Hughes come up, that is just my guess, there is no talk of it. Gary Sheffield hit his 500th homerun last night for the Mets. There is a story out today that Jed Lowrie the Red Sox SS may miss the rest of the year with a wrist injury, stay tuned for more information on that. I will try and be back with the lineups before I leave but if not check back later for some live mobile updates from the Stadium.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yankees Minor league wrap

The AAA Scranton Yankees won again tonight by the score of 11-0. They are now 9-0, will they ever lose a game. Phil Hughes got the start pitching five and two thirds innings allowing no runs on five hits and six strikeouts. Steven Jackson pitched two scoreless innings giving up three hits with one walk and three strikeouts. Brett Tomko finished it off with one and a third scoreless innings with one hit, walk and strikeout. Phil Hughes is 2-0 with a 2.31 era on this young season. The offense had a big day led by Angel Berroa who was four for five with two homeruns and five rbis. Doug Bernier had two hits and a walk, Todd Linden had two hits and rbis. Shelly Duncan had two hits, a walk and rbi. Eric Duncan had a hit and walk. The AA Trenton Thunder won tonight by a score of 5-4. Zach McAllister got the start pitching five and a third giving up three runs, only two were earned on four hits with three walks and strikeouts. Mike Dunn got the win pitching two and two third scoreless innings giving up two hits one walk and three strikeouts. A Tampa won by the score of 10-1. Jeremy Bleich who was the second pick for the Yankees last year started going six innings giving up six hits, one run on one walk and strikeout. The offense was paced by Jesus Montero who went four for five with two rbis. Damon Sublett went one for three and Austin Romine went one for five. A Charleston lost 5-4. Manny Banuelos started going three and two thirds giving up eight hits, four runs and three walks with three strikeouts.

Yankees get first New Stadium win

The New York Yankees defeated the Cleveland Indians today by a score of 6-5. Joba Chamberlain got the start and struggled only pitching four and one third innings giving up five runs and five walks. He also did have four strikeouts which also contributed to the high pitch count. I know once again the calls will be to put Joba back in the pen but he is only 23 years old and still learning how to be a starting pitcher. If Joba turns out to be a Josh Beckett type wouldn't you at least like them to see that first and it is much easier if it fails to put him back in teh bullpen. There are going to be days like this with growing pains but the important thing is the Yankees won and Joba is healthy, sometimes you learn more from games like this rather then just going out there and dominating. The offense saw Melky Cabrera, Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Mark Teixera and Johnny Damon all hit solo homeruns. The only run that scored without a homerun is when Mark Teixera hit a ball to the pitcher and he threw it wild and Johnny Damon scored all the way from first base. I don't know if anyone really cares or is paying attention but Melky Cabrera has been hitting the ball pretty well the last few games. How bad did Hideki Matsui look today?? Cody Ransom did get a hit but is still struggling. I do have some other thoughts, my first reaction to how the New Stadium is playing is that this place is a band box, I wonder if the Yankees did this on purpose or it is just how it is. I know its the same dimensions but the ball really seems to fly out especially to right field, here are the stats to back it up: There have been seventeen homeruns hit in four games, that is counting the two exhibition games against the Chicago Cubs. That also means seventeen homruns in 34.5 innings. I still don't know why they have that camera shot behind the net, someone should of done something about this or needs to do something about it, its just annoying and looks bad. Randy Levine claims he hasn't heard any complaints but just go read Peter Abrahams blog and also some of the comments the real fans are making and you will see the complaints. I thought the crowd was much better today with noise but still not like the old Stadium, this will be something to watch as maybe it is the design or just the beginning of the season and this will change as we get more into the season and people are less focused on the stadium and more focused on the actual product on the field. I will be at the game tomorrow and will try and provide at least a few live updates, so please keep checking out the blog for that. I also plan on giving another review of the stadium but more of the fans and concourses and getting in and out, stuff like that. I will post the lineups and notes in the morning before I leave if they are available.

Cleveland at Yankees

Here is the Yankees lineup: Jeter(ss) Damon(lf) Teixera(1b) Swisher(dh) Posada(c) Cano(2b) Cabrera(rf) Ransom(3b) Gardner(cf) Hideki Matsui has fluid in his knee the Yankees claim happened from being on base four times yesterday. This seems like it may be a problem as you want him on base. The Yankees keep saying May fifteenth for A-rod, seems like he will be back a lot sooner to me, especially now with no Nady, Matsui hobbling and Ransom playing bad. UPDATE: Dave Robertson was optioned back to AAA-Scranton and Juan Miranda was called up. Xavier Nady is hoping to find out today if he needs surgery or he can just rehab it, for his sake I hope he doesn't need surgery but it doesn't look good. I think I would of kept the other reliever a little longer, you have Joba pitching today and then Wang tomorrow, they may not go deep into the games, you hope Wang will be right and he can pitch seven or eight innings and Joba six at least.

Minor league revision and some other thoughts

I want to apologize for a mistake I made in my minor league post. The Scranton Yankees are 8-0 not 7-0, I should of known better but mistakes happen and I will make sure to pay closer attention. I don't think the Yankees are going to carry thirteen pitchers all season and I would have to assume they will eventually carry another outfielder to make up for Nady being out. Shelly Duncan is looking good, batting 333 so far this year, does he get another shot?? The problem with him is he is off the 40 man roster but if Nady goes on the sixty day DL the problem is solved. I know that fifth outfielder won't be used much but I think he may be the perfect guy as he can also play firstbase and the outfield and he brings that energy much like Nick Swisher does. I know Joe Girardi was in meetings after the game so I wonder if today any roster changes will be happening or if they will wait, I also wonder if A-rod is coming back a lot sooner then we think and that is what they were meeting about, we will see soon enough.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Minor league Notes

The AAA Scranton Yankees won again today eight to seven. They are now 7-0 on the season. Alfredo Aceves started and gave up four hits and six runs with only five of them earned. He had two walks and three strikeouts. Mark Melancon pitched one and two thirds scoreless innings. He had two walks and three strikeouts. Mark Melancon has pitched seven and a third innings giving up one hit, two walks and fourteen strikeouts. He is also 2-0, Mark is the real deal and I think he may be up in the majors sooner then later especially if guys like Jose Veras and Phil Coke continue to struggle in New York. Dave Robertson got called up today and he may not go back, he pitched two scoreless innings today with a couple of strikeouts. The other note from the minors today is that Dellin Betances started going five and a third innings giving up eight hits, four runs but only two earned. He also had one walk and seven strikeouts. He is looking strong early on with lots of strikeouts and not many walks, control has been his problem but he seems to be cleaning that up. He is still very young and unfinished but may be up in AA Trenton before this year is over.

Yankees open with a Dud

The New York Yankees got hammered today in the home opener ten to two. CC Sabathia grinded through 5 2/3 innings and left the game with a one to one score. The trouble came in the seventh when Jose Veras and Damaso Marte just blew up giving up 9 runs. Jose Veras gave up three runs and Marte gave up six runs. The bullpen is too inconsistent right now, Brian Bruney and Mariano Rivera have been good but Jose Veras, Phil Coke and Damaso Marte are struggling really bad right now. I like that David Robertson is up and I wouuldn't be suprised to see Mark Melancon before too long. The offense struggled putting runners on base but not driving them in. Cody Ransom went 0-5 continuing his struggles, Jorge Posada was 1-4 with the first official homerun in the New Stadium. Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and Nick Swisher all had one hit. Robinson Cano continued his hot start going three for four. This was a terrible beginning to the home portion of the schedule but the Yankees will play at 1:00pm tomorrow and don't have too much time to think about it. Alex Rodriguez participated in his first real batting practice and had three homeruns and had a lot of other hard hits. I think this was a big step for him and I expect to see him in rehab games next week and then you could see him back in a couple of weeks. The Yankees really need A-rod back in the lineup as he makes a big difference. The Yankees are now done with all of the opening days they took part in, four if you are keeping count and can just get on with the season and get into their routine.

Welcome Home Yankees

The New York Yankees will play their first official game in the New Stadium this afternoon at 1:00pm or around 1:15pm to be more exact. There will be a big ceremony from 12-1 so for anyone going be in your seats at twelve noon. The Yankees finished up the first road trip of the season on a high winning their last two and going five and four. Here are some notes and then the lineup for the Yankees. Yankee Stadium is the first new AL park since Comerica Park in Detroit opened in 2000. CC Sabathia will be facing his old team for the first time. He was with the Indians from 1998 when he was drafted to last July when he was traded to Milwaukee. He had a record of 106-77 in 237 starts for the Indians. There shouldn't be any doubt about Brian Bruney handling the eighth inning for now, in his last 4 2/3 innings he has allowed no runs, hits or walks and has ten strikeouts. Cliff Lee the Cy Young award winner last year and Cleveland starter today is 3-3 with a 5.62 era career against the Yankees, he did beat them last July though throwing a seven inning shutout. I would throw that start out last year as we know how bad the Yankees struggled offensively with the injuries. Robbie Cano looks like the all star version we figured he would always be hitting safely in eight of the first nine games. He has also looked good defensively, no lazy talk anymore. Nick Swisher has been on base exactly half of the time he has been up. Everyone enjoy the festivities and hopefully the Yankees get another win on opening day. They haven't lost a home opener since 1997. Thanks to Peter Abraham for the information on his blog. I forgot to post the lineup in my excitement so here it is Jeter(ss) Damon(lf) Teixera(1b) Swisher(rf) Posada(c) Cano(2b) Matsui(dh) Ransom(3b) Gardner(cf)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big Win for Yanks

The yankees had a big win today to win the series against the Rays 2-1 and also come home with a winning record on the roadtrip 5-4. Andy Pettitte was good going 7 1/3 innings giving up 3 runs. Brian Bruney and Mariano Rivera shut the door in the eighth and ninth. Derek Jeter had the game winning hit and Cody Ransom got a big double in the ninth, pinch hitting. Johnny Damon had a rbi double to tie the game at three. Robinson Cano continued his hot hitting with a couple of hits. There wasn't much to talk about after this game, Joe Girardi was pumped up after the game. The Yankees hopped a plane back to NY after the game. A-rod will continue his rehab down in Florida and may take live BP by Monday. The Yankees opening day ceremonies will begin at 12:00pm noon tomorrow and all in attendance are asked to be in their seats by that time. The gates will open at 10am and there will be a grand celebration. Yankees alumni such as Willie Randolph, Bernie Williams, Reggie Jackson, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra and many many more which can be read on Peter Abrahams blog Kelly Clarkson will be singing the national anthem and there will be a flyover with the huge american flag being unveiled in the outfield. The lineups will be announced along both baselines. The Yes network will have coverage starting at 11:30am. I will be back tomorrow with lots, lots more, I will miss the game but plan on listening to a lot of it and catching the pregame ceremonies so I will have reaction to that. I will be at the Stadium on Saturday and plan on having some live updates from there. Great win for the Yankees today adn lets hope they come take care of home field.

The Rubber game-Yanks at Rays

Here are the lineups for todays rubber game between the Yankees and Rays. Nady confirmed he needs surgery, there is a tear in his elbow but nothing official yet. Yankees Jeter(ss) Damon(lf) Teixera(1b) Swisher(rf) Posada(dh) Cano(2b) Gardner(cf) Pena(3b) Molina(c) Rays Upton(cf) Crawford(lf) Burrell(dh) Pena(1b) Aybar(3b) Bartlett(ss) Kaplar(rf) Hernandez(c) Iwamura(2b) A interesting note is that both Kevin Russo and Austin Jackson were pulled from the AAA game today, lets see what happens. Thanks to Peter Abraham for providing the lineups on his blog.

Xavier Nady

It looks like Xavier Nady will need surgery although the Yankees haven't released a official statement yet. If he has surgery that will pretty much end his season and the Yankees will have to call someone up to take his place, Shelly Duncan, John Rodriguez, who knows but it won't be Austin Jackson. I will be back later with more as it develops and the lineups for todays game. One more quick note, Evan Longoria is out of the lineup for Tampa today due to a family matter. Thanks to Peter Abraham for having the breaking news on his blog, remember 4:08 start today for those driving home from work make sure to tune in to John and Suzyn but be careful about getting too excited, John tends to do that to you and then takes it back. The game will be on YES.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Minor league recaps

The AAA affiliate Scranton Yankees are off to a 6-0 start. They won their game this afternoon by a score of 5-3. Jason Johnson started and pitched five innings giving up eighthits, two runs, three walks and three strikeouts. Steven Jackson pitched 2 innings giving up two hits and one run. J.B. Cox gave up a hit and thats it in two innings. Mark Melancon pitched two innings giving up one hit and having four strikeouts. Kevin Russo led the offense going four for six. Angel Berroa went one for five with two rbis. Austin Jackson went one for three with two walks. Austin Jackson is batting 480 in the early part of the season. Kevin Russo is batting 406. Shelly Duncan had a rbi, he is batting 300 early in the year. If Xavier Nady is hurt for the long term I wonder if Shelly will get another shot as he had a great spring training. AA-Trenton was rained out A-Tampa was rained out A-Charleston- They won 2-1 today. Brett Marshall started pitching six innings, two hits, one run which was unearned. He had two walks and one strikeout. He is nineteen years old and was drafted last year, he is off to a good start.

AJ was Dealing

AJ Burnett for the second time in as many starts picked up Chien-Ming Wang by getting a win. AJ Burnett was just simply dominating, he had a no hitter through six and then hit a hiccup in th seventh when he gave up 3 straight singles and a sac fly to tie the game at two. The Yankees gave him back the lead three to two right away and he came back out and finished with a one-two-three eight inning. He had one walk and nine strikeouts with those three hits and two runs he gave up. Brian Bruney came in for the ninth and was as dominant as I ever saw him striking out the side. Brett Gardner had a good game driving a couple of balls and getting a big rbi double in the eighth inning. He ended up with 3 hits, Nick Swisher hit a homerun after taking a ball near his head and also had a double. Derek Jeter had 3 hits and 3 rbi, Mark Teixera had a sac fly, Robinson Cano, Xavier Nady and Melky Cabrera each had a hit. There was breaking news after the game coming from Peter Abraham on his lohud Yankees blog Xavier Nady had sharp pain in his elbow and will have a MRI tomorrow. The Yankees will go for the series win tomorrow with Andy Pettitte facing Andy Sonnastine at 4:00PM tomorrow. They also will go for the winning roadtrip before the home opener on Thursday.

Yanks/Rays game

Way to go tex now lets get it to MO pen Nice job AJ, I thought you had the no-no, good try Way to go Gardner Melky starting to show signs of life Gardner strikes again Jeter is back and thats the dagger Wow Bruney, do that all the time. Ok, that was my first attempt at mobile blogging, I will attempt to do it like this when I go to the games, I don't know how it will work but I will try it out. I will be back soon with a recap.

Yanks try to even series

The New York Yankees play the second game of a three game set with Tampa Bay tonight at 7:00PM on MY9 in NY. A.J. Burnett will make his second start and look to go deeper into the game especially with the Yankees bullpen in flux. Matt Garza makes the start for the Rays. Here are the lineups via Peter Abraham Yankees Gardner(cf) Jeter(ss) Teixera(1b) Swisher(lf) Posada(dh) Cano(2b) Nady(rf) Pena(3b) Molina(c) Ramiro Pena is making his first career start in the major leagues. Cody Ransom only has 2 hits and it was time to sit him down and see if Pena can do something. Hideki Matsui has been struggling and hasn't fared well against Garza as well as Damon, that is why they are sitting and of course right now you have to keep Swisher in the lineup. It is nice to see Tex back in the lineup as it makes it a little more formidable. The Yankees problem hasn't been the offense though as they haven't scored less then 4 runs in any game this year. Rays Upton(cf) Crawford(lf) Longoria(3b) Pena(1b) Burrell(dh) Navarro(c) Zobrist(rf) Iwamura(2b) Bartlett(ss) In news unrelated to this game Josh Beckett was suspended 6 games today and fined for throwing at Bobby Abreu on Sunday and his aggressive behavior afterwards. I say good for MLB, he needed to get suspended for that. Arod worked inside today at Steinbrenner field as the weather was bad in Tampa. Wang was meeting with Girardi and Dave Eiland about half an hour ago, not sure if he still is or that is done with, you would assume its a pep talk but I wonder if they are trying to see if he is hurt. Wang is a guy who doesn't say much and with the language barrier its very hard to know anything with what he is thinking. I would assume there are pitching moves but nothing has been announced yet.

The American Idle Returns

The Yankees will open up their home schedule with a 4 game series against the Cleveland Indians. The Sunday game will be the biggest game, not the home opener, not friday or Saturday, the series finale, why you ask?? Carl "American Idle" Pavano will be facing the Yankees. A.J. Burnett will face his old buddy from their Marlin days. Burnett will have the weight of the world on him as everyone in NY will be counting on him to beat our buddy Carl Pavano. Carl "thief" Pavano pitched 4 years for the Yankees but we barely knew he was there, well he really wasn't there thats why. It was great to see him get hammered in his first start for Cleveland but he is still healthy and that is the amazing part, lets hope we can hit him around the park and show him what we really think of him. A.J. NY is counting on you, not just tonight but this weekend against the Great American Idle.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Yankees get Whacked

The New York Yankees were whacked by the Tampa Bay Rays tonight by a score of 15-5. Chien-Ming Wang was lit up again giving up 8 runs in 1+inning. His era is 28.73 right now, this was just an embarrassing game, it was so bad that Nick Swisher, no you saw that right Nick Swisher had to pitch. The really sad thing about the game is Nick Swisher pitched a scoreless inning which was the best pitching performance of the night for the Yankees. Jonathan Albaladejo pitched 3 innings giving up 3 runs on 5 hits with 1 walk and 2 strikeouts. Edwar Ramirez pitched 2 innings giving up 1 run on 4 hits with 1 walk and 3 strikeouts. Phil Coke continued his bad pitching with 1 inning of 1 hit, 3 runs with 2 walks. He should of got out of the inning if not for miscommunication in the infield leading to a dropped popout. Nick Swisher also continued his hot hitting with a solo homerun, Jorge Posada was 2-4 with 2 rbis. Xavier Nady, Jose Molina, Cody Ransom, Robinson Cano all had one hit and Melky Cabrera was 2-4 with a rbi. The Yankees will try and erase this horrible game tomorrow with A.J. Burnett on the mound against Matt Garza. I have a feeling a long reliever will be coming up and I wouldn't be suprised to see Phil Coke getting sent down. I expect that Dave Robertson and Mark Melancon will be in the pen by the middle of the summer giving it a different look with more power arms. If you are wondering the last time a positon player pitched for the Yankees was 1997 when Wade Boggs did it.

Game 7: Yankees at Rays (RIP Harry Kalas)

Here is your lineups for todays opening game of a 3 game series with the defending AL champs the Tampa Bay Rays. That still sounds wierd considering how bad they were for so long. Yankees Jeter(ss) Damon(lf) Swisher(1b) Posada(c) Nady(rf) Cano(2b) Matsui(dh) Ransom(3b) Cabrera(cf) Rays Upton(cf) Crawford(lf) Longoria(3b) Pena(1b) Burrell(dh) Navarro(c) Gross(rf) Iwamura(2b) Bartlett(ss) Chien-Ming Wang will try and rebound from his terrible first start, he has had good success in his career against the Rays. He is 5-2 3.74 era in 8 career starts at the Trop. Derek Jeter is 1 for his last 17 and Ransom is 1-20, Melky Cabrera is 9 of his last 43 dating back to last year. Mark Teixera had a MRI today and it was ok, no damage, he expects to be back in the lineup tomorrow. Alex Rodriguez was in Tampa today and did some light jogging, fielded grounders and hit off a tee and from a coach soft tossing to him. He took 78 swings, 36 off of a tee and 42 from a coach tossing it to him. He worked out on the field for 45 minutes and then met the media after. He said he is dedicated solely to baseball now and wants to be like he was in 07, expect him with the earplugs in before games and not talk too much. The bottom line is he has to produce and help the Yankees win a championship then no one cares about anything else. He said the month in Colorado really allowed him to look at things and reevaluate and he knows he has to put the other things to the side and only concentrate on baseball. He said his hip had been bothering him since last June and he can tell now that something was fixed. I expect to see him on the bench and maybe here more from him pregame tonight. Peter Abraham of the Journal News and had a lot of this info on his blog so thanks goes out to him, if you don't already do so make sure you check out his blog, he does a great job. Harry Kalas the longtime phillies announcer passed away today at the age of 73, condolences go out to his family and the Phillies family as that is a great loss to them.

Arod Back sort of

Alex Rodriguez is back at Steinbrenner Field in the next step of his rehab. He was taking grounders and hitting off a tee. Peter Abraham is reporting he was hitting mostly everything the other way. Alex is expected to meet with the media after his session is over and then later on tonight before the game. I think he won't say much and be just fine but you never know with Alex, the bottom line is they need him, Cody Ransom is struggling really bad and Alex Rodriguez make the lineup as a whole better. I hope he will be in the dugout with the team and bring inspiration to them, they have been playing well and maybe he will offer some encouragement to Cody. The lineups will be posted later and I am sure I will be back with more on Arod. I knew after the bullpen blew a game for Joba the Joba to the pen stuff would heat up again. Here is my take on this, Joba pitched 6 innings allowing 1 earned run, if it was someone else pitching they may have not got to the bullpen with the lead, he is a starter and that is where he will be until the playoffs when a 5th starter isn't needed. Joba is showing he has the stuff to be an elite pitcher, remember he is only 23 and will get better and better with more experience. I think Joe Girardi actually messed up that inning, I may have left Marte in, the worst that would of happend is Butler hits a homerun to tie the game but then after Veras came in and walked the guy maybe he should of just left him in. I have no problem not using MO as it is early in the year, he is getting older and coming off of shoulder surgery. If the Yankees come back now and win 2 out of 3 it was a pretty good trip and then they need to reestablish the home field dominance and they will be fine.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rough Day for Coke

The New York Yankees lost to the KC Royals today in a tough game 6-4. Joba Chamberlain pitched well going 6 innings allowing 1 earned run on 4 hits with 1 walk and 5 strikeouts. Brian Bruney pitched a perfect inning with a strikeout and Damaso Marte got both guys he faced out. The trouble began when Marte came out, Jose Veras walked the only guy he faced and then Coke gave up a double to tie the game before allowing 2 more hits and another run. The offense looked listless for most of the game and that can happen when your facing Gil Meche and you have Molina, Gardner, Cabrera and Ransom all in the lineup. The lineup didn't see anyone get more then one hit, Xavier Nady and Robinson Cano got the only rbis as poor defense led to the other runs. The Yankees move on to Tampa now to finish the first road trip of the year before they come home to officially open the New Stadium. Here are the pitching matchups vs the Rays Tomorrow- Chien-Ming Wang vs Scott Kazmir Tuesday- A.J. Burnett vs Matt Garza Wednesday- Andy Pettitte vs Andy Sonnanstine The first two games are at 7:08pm and the last game is at 4:08pm all on the YES network. Alex Rodriguez will be in Tampa tomorrow for the next phase of his rehab and is expected to be with the team during the game. It will be interesting to see if he talks to the media. I wonder how much longer before Ransom sits as he is 1-20, I wonder if they are thinking Arod hurry back.

Yankees go for Easter Sweep

Happy Easter everyone, hope you enjoy your day with family and friends. The Yankees go for the sweep with Joba Chamberlain making his first start of the year. Gil Meche will make his second start for Kansas City. There is rain in the forecast and it is very cold but hopefully they will get this one in with no problems. Here is the Yankees lineup: Gardner(cf) Jeter(ss) Swisher(1b) Matsui(dh) Nady(rf) Cano(2b) Cabrera(lf) Ransom(3b) Molina(c) Everyone enjoy the game on YES at 2:00pm

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