Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yanks beat Sox again

The New York Yankees defeated the Boston Red Sox this afternoon by the score of 5-0. CC Sabathia dominated for 7 2/3 innings giving up 0 runs on 2 hits with 2 walks and 9 strikeouts. Phil Hughes came in and struck out the only guy he faced and David Robertson finished off the shutout in the ninth giving up a couple of hits but striking out Big Papi to end the game. A.J. Burnett and CC Sabathia were signed over the winter for moments like this and they really stepped it up this weekend pitching brilliantly and earning there pinstripes, you can envision them both pitching well the rest of the way and into the playoffs. There is one game tomorrow but the Yankees have stepped up and shut the critics up and proved that right now they are the best team in the AL east. The offense hasn't been too good the last couple of days but they have done enough to win. Robinson Cano was the only Yankee with multiple hits today going 3 for 4, Derek Jeter had a 2 run homerun for his only hit. Johnny Damon, Mark Teixeira, Hideki Matsui, Melky Cabrera and Jose Molina had a hit each. The bottom line is this the Yankees want to win a championship and to do that they need pitching and defense and just enough hitting and right now they are doing all of that, a lot of people have been saying they can't beat the good teams but I don't think they are saying that anymore. Andy Pettitte will be on the mound tomorrow against Jon Lester which will be a tough game but the Yankees have it set up for Pettitte to go 6 innings and then they can turn it over to Phil Hughes, Phil Coke, Mariano Rivera and hope to sweep the Red Sox and leave them 6 1/2 games out and maybe knock them out of the wildcard for now. A couple of quick notes, Josh Towers was on the team today, he will be gone tomorrow when they put Chad Gaudin on the roster. Gaudin will be out of the bullpen for now but I expect him to be starting pretty soon although they can have him caddy with Sergio Mitre. The reason Josh Towers was brought up today is just in case CC had to leave the game early or they went to extra innings again, they would of been in trouble and he would of been a guy who could give them length. The Red Sox were shutout in back to back games for the first time since 2002. They are now under 500 on the road and really reeling. The Yankees are 12-1 in their last 13 home games. These 3 games Yankee stadium has been sold out and really rocking like the old stadium, it still isn't the old stadium but this was a huge step in the right direction.

More from last nights classic

That game was the longest a Yankees/Red Sox game has gone being scoreless. Junichi Tazawa was making his major league debut replacing Hall Of Famer John Smoltz on the roster. A-rod ended his longest single season homerun drought with his walkoff in the 15th at 72 at bats. You knew how much this game meant when you saw Josh Beckett and A.J. Burnett hanging out in the dugout when usually they would be in the locker room. CC Sabathia also hung around, he is today's starting pitcher. The Yankees clubhouse is so big and nice though maybe he just slept there last night. It was amazing how many bad swings there were, it was like no matter who came in to those last couple of innings, no one was going to hit them. The Yankees only used Hughes for 1/3 of an inning and Mo for 1 inning so they will be ready to go today. Bucholz is pitching for Boston and their bullpen is depleted a bit, this could be interesting for them. The stadium was finally alive and most people stayed right to the end, i give them credit but it was a friday night and how could you leave that game.

A-rod hits 2 run walkoff in Classic game

I have managed to stay up for this great game. I am not going to do the statistics like I usually do. The pitching was the name of the game tonight for both teams, A.J. Burnett and Josh Beckett were just brilliant, A.J. gave up 1 hit in 7 2/3 innings and Beckett gave up 3 hits in 7 innings. The bullpens were equally brilliant as both teams pretty much used everyone. The Yankees have had a few chances but couldn't get the one big hit. Ok as I am writing this A-rod hits a 2 run walkoff homerun. He said it best everyone is exhausted including me so I am going to go to bed while watching the post game and will be back tomorrow with more. This was some game and now the yankees have a 4 1/2 game lead and can really stomp on the Sox, this has to be crushing for them as they used their whole pen that was already tired and they have Clay Bucholz going tomorrow. CC needs to come up big and get the Yanks a win and a chance for a 4 game sweep.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Red Sox at Yankees

The New York Yankees will try to make it two in a row over their rivals and 5 in a row overall. A.J. Burnett goes up against his old friend Josh Beckett, this is the third time they have faced each other this year. A.J. has not fared well this year against the Red Sox but has done well overall in his career against them. Here are the pregame notes and lineups via Peter Abraham and the great Lohud Yankees Blog. The Yankees have won 15 of 20, 28 of 38 and 51 of 76. The Yankees last night drew 49,005 could they get to 50,000 tonight and tomorrow with the weekend games?? The weather looks good and its a great matchup tonight. Melky Cabrera has 11 homeruns which is career best. Josh Beckett is 10-2 with a 2.02 in his last 14 starts. He is 2-0 with a 5.82 in 2 games against the Yankees this season. A-rod has gone 66 at bats without a homer, his longest streak since going 77 at bats between 1997 and 1998. Boston is 27-28 on the road having lost 9 of their last 14 on the road. Yankees Lineup: Jeter(SS) Damon(LF) Tex(1B) A-rod(3B) Matsui(DH) Posada(C) Cano(2B) Swisher(RF) Cabrera(CF) Jason Giambi was released by the A's today and Carl Pavano was traded to the Minnesota Twins from the Indians. Boston DFA'D John Smoltz and Billy Traber. They called up Japanese pitcher Junichi Tazawa and aquired Chris Woodward from Seattle.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yanks get monkey off back and beat up on Sox

The New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox tonight by the score of 13-6. Joba Chamberlain started and struggled but got the win going 5 innings and giving up 4 runs on 6 hits with 7 walks and 5 strikeouts. The story of the game was the Yankees just beating up on John Smoltz and Billy Traber as Jorge Posada had 3 hits and 3 rbi's, Johnny Damon had 3 hits and a rbi and Big Tex had 3 hits and a rbi. A-rod and Matsui had a hit each and Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher each had 2 hits, Cano had a rbi. Melky Cabrera had 2 hits and 3 rbi's. The biggest thing is that the Yankees got the monkey off of their backs, they don't have to hear anything anymore about beating the Sox and can just move on, they also now have a 3 1/2 game lead over them. Tomorrow they will send A.J. Burnett to the mound against Josh Beckett. Burnett who usually pitches well against Boston has struggled in 2 starts against them this year, he will be looking to turn that around and outduel his old teammate. Jason Bay being out of the lineup helps the Yankees and Jed Lowrie left with a elbow injury tonight. The Yankees announced during the game that they aquired Chad Gaudin from the Padres for a player to be named later and it looks like he will replace Sergio Mitre as the fifth starter. It will be interesting to see the reaction from the players later on, I am sure they are relieved.

Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees

The Yankees will try and beat the Red Sox for the first time this season and tonight may be their best chance. Joba is flying high pitching the best he has in his career as a starter and John Smoltz looks old and washed up. I think this is the most important game of the series as the Yankees need to stop hearing about how they can't beat the Sox. Here are the pregame notes and lineup via the Lohud Yankees Blog. Joba is 3-0 with a 0.83 era since the all star break. He has allowed 8 hits over 21 2/3 innings with 8 walks and 19 strikeouts. Joba is 2-1 with a 3.49 era in his career against the Sox. Joba as a starter in his career is 10-3 with a 3.27 era. The debate will never end but this is where he belongs in my opinion, he will get better and better and has the potential to be a #1 starter. The Yankees have won 14 of 19 and 25 of their last 35. The Red Sox are 7-10 since July 17 and 24-20 since June 13th. MO has gone 19 1/3 innings without allowing a run. He has 18 strikeouts in that time. Nick Swisher is heating up going 11 for his last 34 with 6 xbh. Johnny Damon is 10 of his last 22 with 2 homeruns and 6 rbi's. A-rod is way overdue going 61 at bats without a homerun which is the longest of his Yankees career. Yankees Lineup: Jeter(SS) Damon(LF) Tex(1B) A-rod(3B) Matsui(DH) Posada(C) Cano(2B) Swisher(RF) Cabrera(CF) Boston Lineup: Ellsbury(CF) Pedroia(2B) Martinez(C) Youkilis(LF) Ortiz(DH) Drew(RF) Lowell(3B) Kotchman(1B) Lowrie(SS)

Yanks/Bosox Pitching Matchups

Tonight-Joba Chamberlain vs John Smoltz Tomorrow- A.J. Burnett vs Josh Beckett Saturday- CC Sabathia vs Clay Bucholz Sunday- Andy Pettitte vs Jon Lester I think the Yankees can win 3 out of 4, they need to win tonight, tomorrow is a great matchup. They should win with CC, he really needs to step up and get it done and then Sunday is a tossup game also. This should be a great series but the yankees are home and need to take care of business and up their lead to 4 1/2.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yanks sweep Jays heading home for showdown with Bosox

The New York Yankees defeated the Toronto Blue Jays by the score of 8-4 tonight. Sergio Mitre got the start and wasn't great again although he wasn't horrendous. He went 4 1/3 innings giving up 3 runs on 8 hits. Alfredo Aceves gave up 1 run in 2 innings with 1 hit and 3 strikeouts. Phil Coke retired both batters he faced with a strikeout and Phil Hughes and David Robertson each pitched a scoreless inning giving up a hit but striking out two. The offense came to life in the seventh inning when Nick Swisher led off with a homerun and then they scored 3 more after that. Johnny Damon had 3 hits and 3 rbi's, Derek Jeter had a hit, Mark Teixeira had a hit and 2 rbi's. Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano had 2 hits each and Hideki Matsui had a rbi single. The Yankees did a really nice job of coming back strong in Toronto after losing 3 in a row in Chicago and then pulling out the last one, they finish their road trip at 5-4 which is good and remain 2 1/2 ahead of the Red Sox which they started this roadtrip at. The big 4 game series starts tomorrow at the Stadium with Joba Chamberlain going against John Smoltz, the Yankees by splitting now will remain right where they are now and unless they get swept 4 in a row will be in first place after this series. It would be really nice if they can win 3 out of 4 and move to 4 1/2 ahead. The Yankees really need to come out tomorrow and play their best and get that win and move forward.

George Murray part of Hope week Passes away

There is sad news to report as George Murray passed away last night. He was part of Hope week which took place on the last homestand. He had ALS and had no use of his arms and legs, he was confined to a wheelchair and was 38 years old. He got to see a game with his wife and 4 year old son Trayson and took a private tour of Yankee Stadium with Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter, Phil Coke and Cody Ransom. They were also given a suprise anniversary party with several yankees. This is a sad story as Mr. Murray passed away last night. The Yankees did a great job with Hope week and I am sure they will get the family back to Yankee Stadium in the near future. My thoughts and prayers go out with the whole family as Mr. Murray was taken way too young but at least the Yankees gave him some happiness in his final days.

Yanks at Jays(Yanks go for abbreviated sweep)

The New York Yankees will play the Toronto Blue Jays tonight in Toronto at 7:07 on the YES network. Sergio Mitre who doesn't look like he will be kept around much more will try and get himself on track against a rookie named Mark Rzepczynski. Here are the notes and lineup via Peter Abraham. The Yankees are 6-2 against the Jays this year and have won 25 of their last 41 against them Mo has worked 1+ innings nine times this season including three of the last 4 appearances. He worked more then one inning 14 times last season and 13 times in 07 under Joe Torre. Mo has gone 19 1/3 innings without a run, yes he gave up the double that scored two last night but they were charged to Phil Hughes. Phil Hughes has 37 strikeouts in 29 1/3 innings out of the pen this year. Alfredo Aceves has only pitched twice in the last 13 games. They keep saying he is fine but who knows. Big Tex is 11 of 34 on the road trip with 6 rbi's. A-rod is 13 of 34 on the trip with 5 rbi's. He has gone 57 at bats without a dinger though. The Yankees are 13-5 since the break trailing only the Angels who are 14-4, that is in the AL. Yankees Lineup: Jeter(SS) Damon(LF) Tex(1B) A-rod(3B) Swisher(RF) Cano(2B) Cabrera(CF) Hairston(3B) Molina(C) I forgot to mention that Cody Ransom was DFA'D and Anthony Claggett was called up. This isn't a what kind of move, it is to cover Mitre and then when he gets sent down in a couple of days Ramiro Pena will be back up which is good. I like Cody Ransom but he just isn't that good, they don't want to burn the pen before the Boston series.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yanks beat Halladay and the Jays

The New York Yankees defeated the Toronto Blue Jays by the score of 5-3 tonight. Roy Halladay started for the Jays and you figured it would be a tough night but the Yankees jumped him for 2 runs early and then after settling in they hit 3 solo homeruns late off of him. Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira went back to back in the 8th and Matsui hit one in the ninth. Andy Pettitte was good again although more balls were hit hard today and he did have an inning where he struggled with his control walking a couple. He ended up pitching 6 2/3 giving up 1 run with 4 walks and 6 strikeouts. Phil Hughes got the last out in the seventh and after giving up back to back singles to start the 8th he struck out the next two and gave way to MO. Mariano was not sharp at all tonight giving up a 2 run double before escaping. Then in the ninth he gave up another bloop hit and got away with a hanger to Bautista who hit the ball to dead center, if he hit it anywhere else it is a tie game. He was down in the count 0-2 to the final hitter and he popped up on another bad pitch. The Yankees offensively hit 3 homeruns for the second time in a row off of Roy Halladay, I guess they finally have him figured out. Big Tex, Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon had solo homeruns. Robinson Cano had 2 hits, A-rod and Big Tex each had 2 hits and a rbi. Tomorrow they will face a guy whose name I can't say and can't spell so I don't think the Yankees have ever seen him and Sergio Mitre may be making his final start for the Yankees. I would think the Yankees have to score some runs to win this game but we will see what happens. If they win they will be in first place to start the big 4 game series with the Red Sox. As I am writing this the Sox and Rays are tied in the bottom of the 10th inning.

Yankees at Jays

The Yankees begin a 2 game set in Toronto tonight with Andy Pettitte on the mound against Roy Halladay. This is going to be a really tough game to win tonight even though the Yankees actually hit him pretty hard last time they faced him at Yankee Stadium. I don't think they will but the Yankees can't look ahead to the Red Sox they have to win at least one of these games, the Red Sox will have their hands full down in Tampa with the Rays. Here are the pregame notes and lineup from the Lohud Yankees Blog- Peter Abraham does a great job so please check him out if you don't already do so. The Yankees are 5-2 against the Jays this year. Roy Halladay is 16-5 in his career against the Yanks with a 2.90 era. He is 8-0 with a 2.10 era in his last 10 starts against them. I don't know what the strategy really is but I think I would try to bunt on him a little and get guys on base and steal. The only good thing is he doesn't get run support so if you can scratch out a couple maybe you can win the game. Andy Pettitte is 13-5 with a 3.95 era in 19 career starts at the Rogers Centre. He is 1-1 with a 5.25 against the Jays this year. Andy since the break has been good, in 3 starts he has a 2.70 era. In 20 innings he has struck out 23 while only giving up 3 walks and 16 hits. Mo has not allowed a run since June 12th and Hughes has a 0.95 era in 20 relief appearances so the back end is very very solid. The Yankees with RISP on this road trip are batting 233, this is the one thing I don't like. Yes the Yanks lead in many offensive categories but they are not consistant at all. Melky is 15 of 35 in his last 11 games with 10 xbh, 5 rbi's, 6 walks and only has struck out twice. Derek Jeter is 6 stolen bases away from 300 in his career. The Yankees pitching has to get back on track, in their last 3 games they have given up 41 hits in 25 innings with 29 earned runs, 13 walks and 20 strikeouts. Alfredo Aceves has not done well since having his shoulder fatigue. He has given up 10 earned runs in his last 8 1/3 innings. He has only pitched twice since July 21st which is probably part of the problem. Mark Melancon has not allowed a run in his last 4 1/3 innings, could he start getting more important work, maybe but maybe not this week. Joe Girardi has been great with the bullpen in most peoples eyes. I would say this is his biggest strength. In the time since he has been manager the Yankees are 110-5 when leading after 6 innings, 120-5 when leading after 7 innings and 129-1 when leading after 8 innings. It is pretty safe to say if the Yankees have a lead after 6 they are going to win. A-rod has gone 53 at bats without a homerun. This could be the place he breaks out of his homerun drought. He has hit 303 with 31 homeruns in his career at the Rogers Centre. Jorge Posada has had a miserable road trip going 3 for 23. Yankees Lineup: Jeter(SS) Damon(LF) Tex(1B) A-rod(3B) Matsui(DH) Posada(C) Cano(2B) Cabrera(CF) Hinske(RF)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Other ways to follow this Blog

No baseball tonight unless you count the think we are in it but we have no chance Mets. I am going to post some links to follow me at. I am on facebook, there is a link on the right side of my blog to follow me there, please follow me if you don't already. My blog entries do show up on the news feed and I am also on Twitter under Gmarchesej, so please follow me there also. This is a good way to follow this blog in other ways and get the word out there and to also network and communicate with others. I thank everyone who is already following me and appreciate you spreading the word, thanks to everyone who reads this and joins me on Twitter and facebook, I appreciate it.

Pitching matchups for Yanks/Jays series

Tomorrow- Roy Halladay vs Andy Pettitte Wednesday- Mark Rzepczynski vs Sergio Mitre This isn't going to be easy with Doc Halladay pitching tomorrow but he doesn't get a lot of run support so maybe the Yankees can find a way to win a 2-1 type game. I don't know anything about the Jays pitcher for Wednesday but his stats are pretty good and Sergio Mitre has been awful so they have their work cut out for them, it would be nice to win both and have a winning road trip but 1 out of 2 would be fine before facing the Sox.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Random thoughts and notes

Today is the 30th anniversary of Thurman Munson's death. I purchased the new book by Marty Appell called the life and death of a Yankee Captain, i have not read it yet but plan on posting a review of it when I do. It is amazing that this was so long ago and it still resonates with people. He was such a good guy and a real blue collar guy. There is a great article about Shelly Duncan by Chad Jennings the Scranton Yankees beat reporter who has a blog, you can check out the link over at Peter Abrahams Lohud Yankees Blog. The Red Sox went to Baltimore and swept them but I do wonder with the aquisition of Victor Martinez, how that will affect other guys. If he plays first base that means Youkilis moves to third and Mike Lowell sits, if he plays catcher then Varitek sits and if he is DH Big Papi sits, this should be interesting to watch. It is amazing to me how some teams own other teams and some teams own certain pitchers etc. Mark Buehrle is coming off setting the major league record for most retired batters in a row and the Yankees just batter him today like they always do, he is now 1-6 in his career vs them with a 7 something era. Jesus Montero the Yankees #2 prospect is out for the year after getting crossed up and breaking a finger. He will play winter ball it looks like but his minor league season is over. He is only 20 yrs old and will start at AA next year but I won't be suprised to see him in AAA at some point. Damaso Marte continues to rehab in Scranton, I wonder if the Yankees will call him back up. I do think there is some sort of clock where they have too. If Sergio Mitre continues to falter will the Yankees actually turn to Kei Igawa?? Jason Hirsch made his debut yesterday and tossed 6 shutout innings could he be a guy they look too?? Hirsch has been bad but he was a #1 prospect only a couple of yrs ago. The Mets have been pretty quiet and won some games lately, can this continue and can they really get back into the race?? I personally don't think so because there are so many teams ahead of them but who knows.

Yanks avoid the sweep

The New York Yankees defeated the Chicago White Sox today by the score of 8-5. We expected to see a pitchers duel with Mark Buehrle and CC Sabathia but didn't get it. CC Sabathia gave up 4 runs in the third inning but then settled down and gave them 4 shutout innings. Joe Girardi I think pushed the envelope too far and brought him out for the 8th, he gave up a leadoff double and then was pulled. Phil Hughes came on to get 2 outs and then Mariano came on to get the last out but not before giving up a cheap rbi single. CC Sabathia has not pitched like an ace especially lately and that is a cause for concern. I know a lot of people are into this thing with him pitching too many innings over the last couple of years which is true but I don't buy it now because his velocity is still high and his stuff is good but his location has been off. I am expecting him to go on a Burnett run and maybe him pulling out the win today can get him going. He really needs to pitch like an ace the rest of the season and carry the Yankees to the AL east title. The Yankees offense was led by Melky Cabrera who hit for the first Yankees cycle since Tony Fernandez in 1995. He also had 4 rbi's. I am really liking Jerry Hairston Jr. as he can play anywhere and can do whatever you want, sacrifice, get a rbi, get some hits. He reminds me of the late 90s teams that had those role players that were so important. Derek Jeter had 2 hits and a rbi and Johnny Damon, Mark Teixeira and A-rod all had a hit. Damon also had a rbi. Nick Swisher had a couple of hits and a couple of walks, Jerry Hairston had a couple of hits and a rbi and also a sac bunt. The Yankees now head to Toronto with a off day tomorrow and then face off against Roy Halladay which won't be easy at all, they can't look ahead at the Red Sox though and have to at least get one win in Toronto.

Yanks try to salvage a game in Chitown

The New York Yankees will try to win this last game of the series in Chicago before an off day tomorrow and then 2 in Toronto before coming home to face their blood rivals the Boston Red Sox. CC Sabathia is on the mound and needs to come up huge today, this is what he was paid for to be the stopper and they need him to go 7 or 8 dominant innings today and get out of town with a win. Here are some pregame notes from Peter Abraham. It all starts with pitching and in the last 2 games the Yankees have given up 24 runs on 24 hits and 11 walks. The Yankees have not lost 4 straight since May 2-7 when they lost 5 in a row. The White Sox have won 6 straight at US Cellular Field. CC Sabathia is 3-3 with a 4.62 era in his last 6 starts. He has allowed 45 hits in 39 innings. He is 14-4 with a 3.65 era in 26 career starts against the White Sox. He is 7-1 with a 2.98 era at US Cellular Field. This may be exactly what he needs to turn it around. Mark Buehrle is coming off setting the record by retiring 45 straight batters even though he did lose to Minnesota in his last start. He is 1-5 with a 6.11 era in his career against the Yankees. He is 0-4 with a 6.91 at home. The Yankees are batting 161 with RISP in this series. They are batting 200 on this roadtrip with RISP. This is what I hate about their offense, it is good but can be inconsistant. Big Tex has 10 homeruns, 30 rbi's and 26 runs scored in his last 32 games. A-rod is getting hot going 10 for 26 on this roadtrip with 4 rbi's and 3 runs scored. He has not hit a homerun in his last 49 at bats so he is due for a few quickly. Mark Melancon has not allowed a run in his last 4 1/3 innings so he is learning. I really like this guy but you have to remember he is young just like Dave Robertson but they will be go to guys in the future for this team. No lineup is posted yet, I will try to get that up later.

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