Sunday, January 26, 2014

New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium

New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium

This is basically like two worlds meeting for me. The title of this blog is Yanks and more, meaning the focus is on the New York Yankees but I also cover more. The New York Rangers are playing at Yankee Stadium tomorrow afternoon. This is such a cool thing to me. I really thought about attending the event but it is just too cold for that. I can’t wait to see it on television. I really think this is a cool thing and it will be interesting to see how the players and fans react.

I did find out today that Bald Vinny who is the leader of the Yankee stadium bleacher creatures will be doing a Rangers roll call tomorrow. I think that is pretty cool of the Rangers to have him there and attempt this. I hope they get it on television and the world can see it. The Rangers have been playing much better hockey lately although they lost their last couple of games. They need to get back on track and get a win at the Stadium tomorrow against their division rivals. The Devils have seemed to have their number lately although the Rangers are a better team. The Islanders who they will also play at the Stadium have also given them problems lately. Henrik Lundqvist will be in goal and he has been on a hot streak lately. He will be sporting his pinstriped pads and special stadium series mask.

I am expecting a really fun day for all and hopefully it will be a good game. The points in this game are very important especially considering it is a divisional game. The Rangers right now are in second place in their division. They are only one point ahead of two teams though and a couple of points ahead of two others. They changed the way the setup is this season. It used to be the top eight teams in the conference would make the playoffs and be seeded by their place in the standings. This year it is the top three in each division and then two wild card teams make it. The Rangers right now would make it but they have to keep winning because it is such a tight race.


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