Thursday, October 31, 2013

The New York Giants have won two in a row

The New York Giants have won two in a row

The New York Giants started the season 0-6. It was one of their worst starts ever; they have too much talent to be that bad. The New York Giants have now won two games in a row. They are 2-6 and have a bye. The Giants now have three straight home games. They will take on the Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. It won’t be easy but if they can win all three of those games they will be right back in the playoff picture and dare I say picture to win the NFC East.

The main reason for this is of course how bad their division is. The facts are the facts though, they have a chance to erase their horrible start, finish strong and see what happens. I wouldn’t doubt the head coach Tom Coughlin and the quarterback Eli Manning. They have a proven track record; it is a very good one also with two Super Bowls in recent time.

The Giants win over the Eagles last week wasn’t pretty but it was effective. Their defense which wasn’t that good suddenly looks like the strength of their team. The Giants were always known for their defense and Perry Fewell has them playing at top level right now. They didn’t give up any points; the Eagles only points came on special teams. The Giants defense hasn’t given up a touchdown in quite a while. The pass rush is looking better and the secondary is playing better. The Giants this year are showing better play out of the linebacker spot then they have in a while also.

The Giants other biggest improvement is they have cut down on the turnovers. The offense wasn’t great at all. They had five field goals and no touchdowns. You would like to see them have at least one or two touchdowns out of that but they did move the ball. They just have to do a better job of getting it in the end zone. The Giants running game has actually showed signs of life lately and their offensive line has been improved even though it is still a work in progress. I think the Giants could at least win two out of the next three and still be in it. They have to beat the Cowboys though if that is going to happen. They have to focus on one game at a time and see what happens from there. The Giants will have this week off to rest up get healthy and make a run out of this thing.


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