Saturday, November 22, 2008

CC where are you?

I know all of us Yankee fans are growing impatient because we just cant see what is so hard about accepting a 6 yr 140+million contract. I am sure CC and his agent are waiting for the Dodgers,Giants,Angels but the truth is I dont think any of them will be bidding. The Dodgers are more worried about Manny, the Giants dont have the money with that terrible Zito contract on their hands and the Angels are concentrating on Tex. I think shortly after thanksgiving CC will realize he is waiting for something that isn't going to happen and take the Yankees offers, lets sure hope so because that should get everything going with the rest of the pitchers and probably Tex. I think Lowe will head back to Boston or maybe to the Mets and I just think unless Burnett comes down to 4 years the Yanks wont sign him and the more I think of it good, they need to just sign Tex after CC, get Pett back for cheaper and then see whats left and think of a 2 yr contract for sheets or something like that. I have been saying since April to just sign CC and Tex and I still feel the same way, they wouldn't be in terrible shape with CC,Wang,Joba,Pett,Hughes and what a infield/lineup with Tex. The Mets well i dont know what they are doing. They should just offer Krod the 4 years, but they are saying they dont want to go past 3 yrs for him or Fuentes and may end up getting a closer in a trade, think JJ Putz. I would rather just spend the money then trade chips and spend money but the Mets are a team that could screw up finding their way out of a paper bag, and that Citi Field deal isn't looking so good now. Look for another name, as Citibank keeps tanking and soon may be out of business. In other news, not much going on Furcal may be heading to the Giants or A's and I haven't heard much else.

NFL week 12

It should be an interesting game out in the desert for the Big Blue. Arizona has the unbelievable duo of Bolden and Fitzgerald with Kurt Warner who is tearing it up. I would think the best way to stop the Cardinals offense is by limiting its time on the field and the best way to do that is for the Giants to use their run game and control the ball. Brandon Jacobs may not play or may be limited which would hurt them but they still have Ward and Bradshaw so the Giants should be fine. I dont have a real good feel on this game but im thinking Giants 28-24. If the Giants do win keep an eye on Panthers at Falcons, if the Falcons can win the Giants would be 2 games up with 5 to play and would look to be in really good shape for that 1 seed i think they will get anyway. The Jets have an interesting game as they try and upend the Titans for the first time. This isn't as big of a game as was last week against the Pats but if the Jets can win they may have a really good shot at the 2 seed which would get them home field and a bye. I am thinking the Titans will probably win at home 17-14. The Patriots play the Dolphins so for the Jets and their fans if they win its a no lose situation, either way they will gain on someone. Did anyone notice TO has finally opened up his mouth and started to complain about the direction of their offense, no suprise here, the Cowboys have all the talent in the world but are just one big soap opera, i dont think they will make the playoffs although they should win the next 2 games.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Making Room For Lebron

The New York Knicks made two seperate trades today in what is definitely moves to try and get some cap room for 2010. What is 2010 well that is when Lebron James will be a free agent and the Knicks will be after him. Jamal Crawford was shipped to the Golden State Warriors for Al Harrington and Zach Randolph and Mardy Collins was shipped to the Los Angeles Clippers for Tim Thomas a local legend from Paterson Catholic and Cuttino Mobley. All of the players they recieved todays contracts will expire before the 2010 season when also Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh will be available but Lebron is the big catch. It is obvious that they are getting past the horrible,forgettable,tortuous reign of Isaih Thomas and getting rid of his players and long term contracts are the first signs other then having a new coach and President. Lets see how this all plays out but the Knicks seem to be headed in the right direction.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hotstove not so Hot

There are lots of rumors out there but really not much action at all. Word today is that CC will decide on Yanks offer after the thanksgiving weekend. Honestly you hear about teams jumping in but right now its just the Yanks, the Dodgers seem like they are going to focus on Manny, the Angels on Tex, the Giants cant really afford Zito and CC so in the end i expect him to sign probably right after the Thanksgiving weekend sometime, i expected it before but i guess i was wrong. Jon Heyman is reporting that the Angels are going to try and make a quick strike offer to Tex with a deadline much like they did with Torii Hunter last year, stay tuned for that any day now. As for AJ Burnett and Derek Lowe supposedly the Yankees are not close now, they want 5 yrs for AJ and 4 for Lowe. If I am the Yankees i say no thanks sign CC go try and get Tex and then maybe get sheets on a 2 yr 20 million or so deal and they will still be under where they were last year in payroll. I hope once something happens then its like dominoes and it will start to heat up, but right now all we can do is wait.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moose is Loose

After 18 seasons compiling 270 wins,7 gold gloves and his first 20 win season this year the Moose is officially going to announce his retirement later this week. Ken Rosenthal of is reporting it, it was also on Ch 4 news at 6 with Len Berman and is currently on the website. I personally expected this and wish Moose all the best in his life after baseball. I am sure he will enjoy his family and have fun out there in quiet Montoursville,PA. I have to ask this now,is he a hall of famer? I will put a poll up on this soon. I will miss Moose personally as I loved hearing his post game interviews, just classic stuff and he really was a class act. I am guessing it wont take long now for the Yankees to sign Petitte to a 1 yr-8-10 million contract and then hope CC and Burnett decide to come aboard. This will be a different team next year, no Big G and no Moose or Very good very good Abreu. Good Luck Moose and all the best.


I know everyone is getting really anxious especially Yankees fans. There is nothing you can do, CC is not going to take the first offer, do you really think he wouldn't shop around and as far as Tex,Boras is his agent, we know he isn't signing anytime soon, the Yankees can settle the pitching then get involved with him later on. If the Sox are really interested in Tex do you think they wont be in on that, everyone thinks no way but come on now this is the Yankees. AJ Burnett, the Yankees are not going to offer 5 and 80, sources say they wont go past 4 years and now we hear the Sox are involved, is that just to drive the price up on the yankees?? If I am the Yankees I may say fine if it gets to a point of craziness with him, let him go to the Sox, sign Ben Sheets for cheap and then put the money into Tex, I have been saying this for a while, I want TEX and CC, I dont care after that, I really dont think the Yankees will be beat if they get those 2 guys. The infield will be the best in baseball we can trade damon and put swish out there. Rotation of CC,Wang,Joba,Sheets,Pett and Hughes to back up isn't so shabby especially with our bullpen. I really hope im right about the Tex thing and just everyone relax there is nothing we can do, except wait and see how it all turns out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nick the Swish

Nick Swisher had a conference call with the beat writers at about 5:00PM. He did say that first base is his best position but he is just so excited and proud to be a part of the greatest team there is. He said he just wants to be part of the puzzle and do whatever they ask of him. He would like to play first for the whole year and see what he can do but they haven't talked to him about anything yet. He hasn't talked to CC yet but would love to have him join him in NY and knows everyone will love him and be really excited if he does sign with the Yankees which i still expect. He mentioned that AJ Burnett has electric stuff and would also be a welcome addition. He sounds like a really cool, fun guy and i am sure we will have fun with him around this year. He loves having that short porch to aim for when he is batting left handed. I found it interesting that they didn't tell him for sure he is the first baseman and also that he is willing to do whatever he has to do. Thanks to Peter Abraham of the Lohud Yankees blog and Journal News for having the information and conference call on his site.

The lil Troll wins MVP

As i predicted that little troll that makes his living up in beantown was announced as the AL MVP today. I am suprised that Arod finished so low at 8th but what can you do. I am sure this year in a odd year he will put up huge numbers once again. It was also made official today that Ryan Dempster resigned with the Chicago Cubs for 4 years and 52 million. The Yankees are expected to announce at some point that they made an offer for AJ Burnett,the rumor is for 5 years and 80 million. I will be back later with some updates,Nick Swisher did a conference call with the beat writers today and will be coming up on Mike Francessa shortly.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I am suprised that Pujols won it, i thought Howard was a sure thing. I have to say though that the true meaning of MVP doesn't matter if your team is first or last,without Pujols they would be in last and who knows how many more losses. Who do we think will win AL MVP, well i hate to say it but i think Dustin Pedroia will win it. I can't stand to see the Bosox win anything but thats better then them winning the World Series, thanks to the Rays they didn't even get to the Series, thank goodness for that and next year we will take care of them. Well every other year so expect Arod to win the MVP again next year, unless Madonna gets in his way.

Yankees News

It has been slow since the Yankees offered CC a record deal, we still haven't heard from him yet. I still expect him to end up in pinstripes, no other team will even come close to what the Yanks are offering. The San Francisco Giants made the first free agent signing of the Hot Stove by signing Jeremy Affeldt to 2 years 8 million. As for the Yankees news the Moose agent Arn Tellem said today in an email that he expects his client to make his decision by the end of this week or early next week. I really dont think at this point it has anything to do with money and i still believe he will retire, yes I know no one does that after having a season like he had but he would have to committ for more then 1 year and Moose has been hinting at retiring all year. Why not go out on top and enjoy his quiet family life out in Montoursville,PA. The big news of the day was that the Yankees announced they will be playing a exhibition series against the Chicago Cubs to open the new Yankee Stadium. The games will be played on Friday April 3 at 7:05PM and Saturday April 4 at 1:05PM. Ticket announcements will be made soon so stay tuned, i wonder if i will get them in my season ticket package. The Cubs will be in town for the first time since 2005 when the Yanks played them in interleague. This series will mark the return of Sweet Lou Piniella who patrolled the outfield for 11 seasons and won 2 championships in 1977 and 78. He was also manager of the yankees in 1986-88. One of my favorites Alfonso Soriano will also be back in town, i hated to see him go but of course we got the great Madonna loving Arod for him so cant argue with that. Did anyone notice that he was hanging out with Kate Hudson in Miami now thats more like it Arod, I mean Madonna she is a little weathered dont you think??


I was a little off on my prediction of Giants 24-Ravens 17 but I will take 30-10. Is there anyone who can stop the Giants 3 headed monster? Im not so sure there is, the Ravens had the #1 Ranked rushing D and the Giants ran right over them for 207 yards, there 5 game this year where they have had 200+rushing yards. The Giants seemed really primed to take the 1 seed and have homefield advantage where they are 6-0 this year. Last night in a game that is getting a lot of press today, Pittsburgh won 11-10, first time in the history of the NFL a game has finished with that score. The controversy is in the last play of the game, can the NFL officiating possibly get any worse then it is now?? The last play brings up a lot of conspiracy theories to fans because why would you review that when either way Pitt wins the game, so who cares what the score is of course except for the bettors. Dallas won a big game for them last night to stay alive and they have to win the next 2 weeks with Seattle and San Francisco but we shall see. Giants to get ready for the desert and the high flying Arizona Cardinals.

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