Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Baseball is back, thank goodness

Hi everyone, I am back.  It has been a long few months since the Yankees loss in Houston in game 7

of the ALCS back in October.  I usually don't take the whole offseason off, I usually try to be into the

NFL and NHL with the Jets, Giants and Rangers as much as possible but this season I just needed

the break.  The NFL season wasn't good for the locals in NY where I am coming from and pretty

much the same with the NY Rangers as well.  I am one happy man that baseball is back.  I am

looking forward to another great year for the Yankees and I also do think the Mets will bounce back

for all of you Mets fans out there.  I am going to start with the Yankees though as the reported to

camp today at least pitchers and catchers.  The Yankees were one win away from the World Series

and now they have a new manager in Aaron Boone.  Everyone knows him from his famous homerun

in his brief stint with the Yankees ins 2003 but also from his broadcasting with ESPN over the last

7 or 8 years.

The one thing that stood out to me today in his press conference to open spring training was how laid

back and easy going he was with the media.  He was definitely comfortable in his own skin as well.

He is the direct opposite of his predecessor Joe Girardi.  Girardi especially over the last few seasons

was just not comfortable at all with the media and you can tell everything was wearing on him.

He was a GI joe type anyway and it just got worse, he was a good manager but never a warm and

fuzzy type guy and Boone is that.  I don't know how he will be as manager but he is more of a Joe

Torre type and I think that may be more important right now.  The Yankees team is stacked, they

have a great offense, great bullpen and not so bad starting rotation.  I can see them winning 95 games

and the division.  They of course like any team has to stay healthy but I also think they are more

prepared then most to withstand injuries.  Why am I saying that, well I believe in their farm system

and think there are guys that can be in the majors right now but don't have a spot or are just knocking

on the door.  Clint Frazier could for sure make the team but he also may be in AAA because there are

just too many outfielders.  Justus Sheffield and Chance Adams are on the verge as pitching prospects

and of course Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar may be the starting second and third baseman, we

will see how that plays out this spring.  There is much to be excited about and I am ready to get

going.  It will probably be somewhat slow the next few days but position players report Sunday and

the first exhibition game is next Friday so before we know it we will be off and running, stick with

me all season and we will have some fun.

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