Saturday, March 14, 2009

Split Squad recap

The New York Yankees defeated the Houston Astros at home in Tampa today 3-1 behind 4 perfect innings from AJ Burnett. He threw 40 pitches 32 of them for strikes, he was so good he had to go to the bullpen and throw 10 more pitches out of the stretch. His stuff is just electric and hopefully for the Yankees he is just coming into his own after last year. Dan Giese came in relief for him and gave up a solo hr and 2 hits in 2 innings with 3 strikeouts. Edwar Ramirez made his first appearance of the spring after having some shoulder discomfort and pitched a scoreless inning with 1 hit and 1k. Brian Bruney looked really impressive pitching a perfect inning with 2k's. Jason Johnson finished it off with a couple of hits but got out of it. It was also his first appearance of the spring and he is a good story after having retinal cancer and also being the first guy to wear a diabetic device on his hip. The offense did just enough with Johnny Damon hitting a solo hr, Cody Ransom continued his impressive spring with 2 hits, Berroa had a hit and Matsui also had a hit and looks good working the pitcher. Brett Gardner also had a hit but struck out twice. The story of the day was definitely AJ Burnett who was just filthy, it was good to see him on TV and look that good dreaming about a super summer. In the other game at Bradenton against Pittsburgh Phil Hughes got the start and in the first inning gave up 2 solo hrs and then settled down. He finished with just those 2 hits in 3 innings but 3 walks and 2k's. Albaladejo pitched a perfect inning with a strikeout, Ian Kennedy pitched better today going 3 innings with 3 hits 1 run, 1 walk and 5 k's. Mark Melancon had his first bad game pitching 2/3 of an inning giving up 6 hits, 5 runs, 1 walk and 1k. He gave up 2hr. On the offensive side the top prospects had a good day with Jesus Montero hitting a grandslam and also drawing a walk and Austin Jackson going 2-4 with 2rbi. Melky Cabrera went 1-4 with a rbi. Nick Swisher went 0-2 with a walk, Big Tex had a bad day striking out 3 times. Shelly Duncan went 1-2 with a rbi. If you check out Peter Abrahams site at he has audio of AJ Burnett after the game, definitely worth listening too. Mo is ready to go for Tuesday and Jorge for tomorrow behind the plate. Wang went home today with a cold. Phil Hughes said he feels strong and good he was just a little off trying to work on some of his other pitches, the cutter and changeup. Joe Girardi talked to Arod today and he is off crutches feeling good and about to move his rehab into the pool. Colin Curtis and Austin Romine were reassigned to minor league camp and Mike Dunn was optioned out. The closer it gets to opening day the more and more guys we will see going back down or over to minor league camp.

Yankees Split Squad Today

The New York Yankees will take on the Houston Astros at home today and the other half of the team will travel to Bradenton to face the Pittsburgh Pirates. The game at home will be on YES and also on WCBS 880AM radio. Here are the lineups and pitchers for both games. There is no word yet on Damaso Marte and Robinson Cano, it doesn't seem to be serious though and they should both be back in games next week. Yankees vs Astros 1.Gardner cf 2. Damon lf 3. Nady rf 4. Matsui dh 5. Ransom 2b 6. Molina c 7. Miranda 1b 8. Berroa ss 9. Leone 3b AJ Burnett gets the start followed by Dan Giese, Brian Bruney, Edwar Ramirez and Christian Garcia Yankees at Pirates 1. Cabrera cf 2. Swisher rf 3. Teixera 1b 4. Posada dh 5. Jackson lf 6. Cash c 7. Bernier 2b 8.Russo 3b 9. Pena ss Phil Hughes gets the start followed by Ian Kennedy, Jason Johnson, Jon Albaladejo and Mark Melancon. Former Yankee Ross Ohlendorf will get the start for the Pirates. This will be Jason Johnson first appearance after battling retina cancer. It is good that both Posada and Matsui will play, if Matsui feels good after playing today and tomorrow he will also play Monday making it 3 starts in a row, as for Posada he will catch tomorrow and then twice more next week if everything goes well. This is going to be an important couple of days for the Yankees, if these guys are healthy and can play everyday or pretty much everyday they will be fine. Mariano Rivera threw a bullpen today and felt so good he threw an extra 10 pitches for a total of 40, he will throw his first game on Tuesday. If anyone is interested you can see on and that single season ticket sales will be going on next week, presales for existing season ticketholders and also a lottery for people that want to just sign up for a chance to get them early and then whatever is left will be a few days after the presales.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yankees Recap

The New York Yankees were defeated by the Boston Red Sox tonight 8-4. Wang got the start and didn't fare too well giving up 7 run and 6 hits in 1 2/3 innings. Only one of the runs was earned though. Apparently Juan Miranda made one error but looked like he misplayed a couple of balls. I know a lot of people get all worked up over this but the Yankees didn't have anyone on the long trip to Fort Myers. On the good side Brett Tomko pitched 3 1/3 innings giving up 2 hits, 0 runs with 5 strikeouts. In the spring Tomko has now pitched 10 1/3 innings giving up 2 runs with 10 ks and 1bb. It looks like he is the frontrunner for the long man spot but we will see. I don't think he can do much more to show he deserves the job. Kei Igawa pitched another scoreless inning but don't worry he won't be seen in the bronx unless a disaster happens. Cody Ransom went 1-3, Brett Gardner 0-2 with a walk. Xavier Nady was 1-3 with 2rbi, Jose Molina was 1-3 with a rbi. Shelly Duncan was 1-2 with a walk and Angel Berroa was 2-3 with a rbi. The Yankees will be on YES tomorrow at 1:15PM at home against the Astros with AJ Burnett getting the start, they have a split squad and the other half of the team will play the Pittsburgh Pirates with Phil Hughes getting the start. The Yankees also aren't too happy with Cano not saying anything about his shoulder before he left for the WBC.

Yankee Updates

The Yes network and MLB network are playing the point fingers game as to why the game will not be carried in the NY area tonight. The bottom line is no matter whos fault it is the game will not be on in this area. Francisco Cervelli returned from the WBC today, Jason Johnson is scheduled to pitch in his first game tomorrow and Joe Girardi says he still has enough time to make the roster, which im suprised at. I don't know if Joe Girardi was just saying that to be nice or if he means it though. Jorge Posada will DH tomorrow and catch Sunday so that will be a big day for the Yankees Edwar Ramirez will pitch tomorrow in his first game MO will throw BP tomorrow and should get in a game on Tuesday Humberto Sanchez who always seems to be hurt had a dead arm at the beginning of camp and threw a BP today, he will need a few more of that and bullpens before he appears in a game. The Yankees will be on YES tomorrow and Team USA plays Puerto Rico tomorrow in the WBC so we will get to see Bernie who is with the team after getting accused of hitting a woman in a Puerto Rican nightclub. I don't believe this story at all and it seems like it will go away as they let him go to Miami with the team. Everyone enjoy the game tonight who can see it and the rest of us will follow online. Thanks to Peter Abraham for having this information on his blog at

Spring Game 16: Yankees at Red Sox

The first game of the season between the Sox and Yanks but don't get all worked up, for all the media and people that like to hype it, there is NO Teixera, Cano, Jeter, Arod, Matsui, Posada. The Red Sox don't have Pedroia or Youkilis. Damaso Marte and Robinson Cano came back from the WBC a little sore and will be checked out by the Drs tomorrow. I don't think its a big deal and hopefully Cano will be in there in a couple of days. I would hold Marte out until next week just to be safe. The game is being broadcast on MLB network through the NESN feed but will be blacked out in NY thanks to the Yankees who have the right to black it out, they aren't showing it on YES so I don't know why they have to black it out other then being scared of what the NESN announcers might say but who cares, they are going to say it anyway and Yankees fans aren't going to be swayed by it. Wang gets his third start and will probably go 4 innings or maybe 5 if his pitch count is low. Spring Game 16: Yankees at Red Sox Posted using ShareThis

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yankees Season Preview

I thought since the Yankees were off today and there was no news, tonight was a good time to do this mini preview. The Yankees are in the toughest division in baseball and it won't be easy but I think they will win the division winning 97 games. The way I look at it is that even without Arod for probably a month, the additions of Posada and Matsui and having Tex plus the pitching makes up for it. The Yankees won 89 games last year with no Matsui or Posada and Pavano, Ponson, Rasner, Giese making a lot of their starts. I don't know how that team won 89 games. That is enough about last year, lets talk about this year. I am going to project what I think will be the opening day roster and here it is: Starting Pitchers 1.CC Sabathia 2. Ching Ming Wang 3. AJ Burnett 4. Andy Pettitte 5. Joba Chamberlain I think this is the best starting pitching the Yankees have had in years. I can see CC and Wang winning 18-20 games each. Burnett I see winning 16 or 17 games, Andy Pettitte 15 and Joba 12. Ok on to the relievers: Relief Pitchers Closer:MO Setup Man: Brian Bruney Setup Man: Damaso Marte Middle Relief:Jose Veras Middle Relief:Edwar Ramirez All purpose Reliever:Phil Coke Long Man: Alfredo Aceves I love this bullpen, the guys are young and what I love is that if anyone fails they can send them down and replace them with other guys like Albaladejo, Melancon, Claggett, Jackson, JB Cox etc. Starting Lineup: 1b-Mark Teixera 2b-Robinson Cano ss-Derek Jeter 3b-Arod/Cody Ransom for the 1st month C-Jorge Posada LF-Johnny Damon CF-Brett Gardner RF-Nick Swisher DH-Hideki Matsui Bench: Xavier Nady Melky Cabrera Angel Berroa-for the 1st month at least until Arod comes back Jose Molina I dont think you can complain about this lineup, yes without Arod it will hurt but I actually think Cody Ransom is going to do better then people think. He plays good defense and I think he will hit 280 or 290. Mark Teixera is a huge addition to this team in many ways, he is going to bring defense to first base that we haven't seen since Tino left and really Don Mattingly, that is how good this guy is with the glove and hitting well he is just a switch hitting power, high OBP and hits for average. I don't think you can ask for much more. I think Cano will have a bounce back year at second all around, Jeter will be Jeter and Arod when he comes back will go on a tear. I think Posada will be healthy and make that position so much better then last year. I think Damon will have a good year and if Gardner can just slap at the ball and get on base 350+ he will be fine in CF. I think between Nady and Swisher they will have 30-40 combined hrs and 100+rbis and better defense out there then Abreu. I think Matsui will be healthy only being the DH and will be back to hitting around 300 with some power and a good clutch hitter. The bench is better then it has been in years with Swish or Nady on the bench, Melky, Jose Molina and Cody Ransom or for the first month Angel Berroa. I think this team is a cohesive group and Girardi will be better in his second year with more to work with and they have a great shot at getting to the World Series.

Day Off for Yankees

The New York Yankees are off today one of only 2 days off in the spring. They have shut down all operations making the players and coaches be completely off for the day, which is a good thing. There isn't any news to report on the blog today regarding the Yankees but I will post about the Mets later and I think I am going to do a season preview for the Yankees so check back later on for some more. Everyone enjoy the day and don't jump off the cliff over CC yesterday, he will be fine and so will the Yanks it is only spring training. Johan makes his first start for the Mets today so its a big day for him the Mets and their fans. Manny Ramirez is also making his first start of the spring for the Dodgers today, that should be interesting. I think this guy could hit in his sleep though so im sure signing so late won't affect him at all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recap of todays Yankees action

The New York Yankees were defeated by the Detroit Tigers today by a score of 7-4. CC Sabathia started and gave up 5 runs on 6 hits in 1 2/3 innings. He also had 1 walk, I wouldn't get too excited either way with CC, he feels fine and is just getting his work in, he hasn't developed his cutter yet and he is a veteran that knows what it takes to be ready when it counts. Alfredo Aceves vying to be the long reliever pitched 3 1/3 innings giving up 3 hits and 2 runs with 1 walk and 1 strikeout. Brian Bruney pitched a perfect inning with 2 k's and Veras did the same. Mark Melancon continued to impress with 1 inning of scoreless pitching giving up 1 hit. In the spring so far he has pitched 5 innings giving up 3 hits, 1 run but unearned, 2 walks and 4 strikeouts. I don't know if he is doing enough to make the team out of spring training but I am confident he will be with the Yankees at some point this season. On the offensive side Melky Cabrera was 0-3 with a walk, Johnny Damon was 2-2 with a walk. Big Tex was 2-3 with a walk and rbi and Cody Ransom was 1-3 but did have an error. The Yankees get their first off day of the spring tomorrow and will be back at it on Friday. Edwar Ramirez threw BP today and will pitch on Saturday, MO also threw BP will do so again on Saturday should be in a game on Monday and will go from there, he will be ready come opening day.

Spring Game 15: Yankees at Tigers

The big lefty is back on the mound today for the second time this spring. Mark Melancon will get a chance to continue to impress and maybe make the team out of camp. The battle of CF, Melky gets a chance today. I honestly think they will both be on the team and Melky will be on the bench but come in late in games and replace Johnny Damon. The battle in RF continues also with Swisher playing today. I think Nady will get enough playing time also but Swisher will be the starter in RF on opening day. Cano and Marte should be back by friday so that is good as they got eliminated in the WBC by the Dutch. Derek Jeter is the only main guy still playing in the WBC. Spring Game 15: Yankees at Tigers Posted using ShareThis

Yankees Recap

The New York Yankees defeated the Cincinatti Reds 7-1 tonight in Tampa. Joba Chamberlain got the start and was much better giving up 3 hits and 1 run in 3 innings. He did top out at 96 on the gun and his control was much better. This was definitely a good sign and a step in the right direction. The run was given up when Brett Gardner had trouble with a fly ball that he should of caught. Brett did have 2 hits though, Shelly Duncan hit a 3 run homerun showing he can have power at anytime and making the Yankees think about putting him back on the 40 man or at least pay attention to him. Hideki Matsui had a double and a walk and looked pretty good scoring from second. Cody Ransom is trying to make us forget about Arod with 2 more hits. When the starters came out Austin Jackson had a rbi hit and ended the game with a beautiful running catch in the gap. The Yankees other top prospect Jesus Montero looked good behind the plate and had a nice opposite field hit. The pitchers behind Joba were also solid, even Kei Igawa throwing 2 more scoreless innings looking real good not that it matters. Christian Garcia looked impressive with 2 strikeouts, this kid has a ton of potential and Anthony Claggett who the Yankees love looked good in his one inning. CC makes his second start of the spring tomorrow against Detroit in Lakeland. Just a quick side not, how in the world did the Netherlands advance and knockout the Dominicans, this may be the greatest upset in the history of sports.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Game 14: Reds at Yankees

There can't be a big game in spring training especially with the Boss not being the Boss anymore but tonights game for Joba is as big as you can get. You might ask why I am saying that and usually I wouldn't think anything of pitching poorly in the spring but this is the first spring Joba is preparing to be solely a starter and he is coming off of having shoulder issues last year so its important for him to show improvement tonight. Phil Hughes has been as good as you can be so far and wants another chance to prove himself. I am sure no matter what happens the Yankees will keep Joba as the 5th starter for as long as they can but if this continues and Hughes continues to pitch the way everyone thought he could then watch out. Hideki Matsui is back in the lineup tonight as he continues his rehab and Gardner trys to keep up his hot start. Cody Ransom is at third and he will be the third baseman, Arod may only miss the first month and maybe not even that so I think its ok, he plays very good D and whatever he does offensively will be a bonus, you have to root for a guy like Cody Ransom. Angel Berroa will try and win the backup job as he has hit very well this spring but needs to play better defensively. Ramiro Pena can field but doesn't hit enough to be in the majors and Leone and Bernier are in the mix but are career journeyman. I see Kei Igawa on the list after Joba, why is he still around?? It is nice that Moose is on vacation and stopped by to visit the Yanks with his family, he is enjoying retirement and doesn't regret it at all he said. Everyone enjoy the game on YES at 7:00PM tonight, I will be back later with some more. Spring Game 14: Reds at Yankees Posted using ShareThis

Monday, March 9, 2009

Arod the bad guy

I wanted to do this over the weekend but didn't get a chance. Alex Rodriguez is one of the most talented athletes to ever grace this planet yet he still isn't loved. He has an amazing way of being a lightning rod, from steroids, to madonna to what people percieve to be choking to all his homeruns and gawdy numbers, to his relationship with Derek Jeter and much more. He at times is his own worst enemy yet with all his talent he is also one of the hardest working and always hustles, shouldn't we embrace a guy like this. He is also a guy who isn't surly like Bonds and easy to root against so what is it really with this guy?? Is it all the money and that he seems to be too scripted and insincere?? I think it might be this but I think he trys so hard to say the right things that they come out wrong and he seems insincere but I don't think he is this at all. I think the best thing for Arod to do is just shut his mouth and lets his play on the field do the talking. He has time now to think about a lot and repair his image before he comes back because I will tell you this when he appears in his first game with the Yankees he will get a standing ovation and if he performs and the Yankees do win a world series the Yankees fans will love him. It is amazing to me that anyone can be on the back and front of papers for what was basically 30 days straight and for different reasons, this just isn't fair even though he deserved some of the headlines. Derek Jeter really isn't overly nice to the press and he is just beloved by everyone, and why is that, because he knows the right things to say. I hope Arod just gets back sooner then later and quiets all his critics once and for all. I have always said this and really believe it Arod could cure cacer tomorrow and get criticised for it.

New York Mets Recap

The New York Mets defeated the Baltimore Orioles today 9-8. Brandon Knight got the start in place of the injured Mike Pelfrey and went 2 innings giving up 4 hits and 3 runs with 1 strikeout. Brian Stokes went 1 perfect inning. Casey Fossum went 1 2/3 innings giving up 3 runs on 3 hits with 3k's. On the offensive side Luis Castillo went 1-2 with a walk and 2rbi. Nick Evans had a pinch hit grand slam. Daniel Murphy went 2-3 and Ryan Church had 2 walks. The Mets will play the Washington Nationals away tomorrow with John Maine to start. Luis Castillo has looked good so far for the Mets and they got more good news with Johan Santana appearing to be ready to get into a game this week and on his way towards opening day. The Mets main question now is how severe is Mike Pelfreys injury and who will win the fifth starter job as no one is running away with it, they are all struggling right now.

Yankees Recap from tampa

The New York Yankees were defeated by the Toronto Blue Jays by a score of 6-2 today in Tampa. Andy Pettitte got his first start of the spring and was scheduled for one inning but felt so good he convinced the coaches to let him face 3 extra batters. He went 1 2/3 innings giving up 1 hit, 0 runs, 1bb and 2ks. Ian Kennedy didn't fare so well going 2 2/3 innings giving up 5 hits and 5 runs with 1 walk and strikeout. Dan Giese went 2 1/3 innings giving up 1 run on 2 hits with 2k's. Jon Albaladejo went 1 inning giving up 1 hit, 0 runs and 2ks and Dave Robertson went 1 perfect inning. On the offensive side Brett Gardner went 2-3 with a hr and 2 rbi and Melky Cabrera went 1-3. Big Tex also went 2-3 and Angel Berroa went 1-2. There were some guys sent to minor league camp as today was the first day of that. Andrew Brackman was assigned to single A Charleston and J.B. Cox, Kanekoa Texiera and George Kontos were all reassigned to minor league camp. Eric Hacker and Wilken De La Rosa were also reassigned. Andy Pettitte said it felt good to get out there finally. Arod has his surgery and everything went well, he is even aleady riding a stationary bike and starting the rehab process which is a great sign. Mariano Rivera had a great bullpen session this morning and is on track. Everything is looking good for the Yankees hurt players and that is a good sign as they will need everyone, the most important thing is the pitching though and everyone has looked good other then Joba but he will get that straightened out and if not watch out for Phil Hughes who has looked great.

Spring Game 13: Blue Jays at Yankees

Today will be Andy Pettittes first start of the spring. I guess Cody Ransom can't play everyday right now but he should be at third as much as possible. Posada will DH today as he moves closer to catching by the weekend hopefully. Hideki Matsui will rest although he said he feels he could of played today which is a good sign. Arod had his surgery at 7:ooam this morning and no updates as of yet, it will be nice and quiet for a while with him gone. Today is the start of the minor league workouts so the roster will start getting trimmed. There is no local coverage of the game, the Yanks will be on YES tomorrow night. Spring Game 13: Blue Jays at Yankees Posted using ShareThis

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New York Mets Recap

The New York Mets lost to the Washington Nationals today by a score of 8-3. Livan Hernandez got the start and went 3 innings giving up 4 hits and 1 run with 0 walks and 1k. Bobby Parnell got 0 outs and gave up 3 hits, 3 runs and 2 walks. The offensive side of things Jeremy Reed went 1-4 with a rbi. Ryan Church went 0-3, Nick Evans went 0-4. The Mets will take on Baltimore tomorrow with Brandon Knight starting in place of Mike Pelfrey who is improving but still has pain in his leg. The Mets also played Michigan in a split squad and won 18-7. Freddy Garcia went 2 innings giving up 3 hits with 0 runs and 1 strikeout. Tim Redding only pitched 1/3 of an inning giving up 5 hits and 5 runs with 1 strikeout. Sean Green pitched a perfect inning and Conor Robertson brother of Yankee Dave Robertson pitched 2 perfect innings with 3 strikeouts. Rob Mackowiak was the hitting star going 2-4 with 6 rbi and 2 walks. Bobby Kielty went 2-4 with 3 rbi. Brian Schneider went 1-2, Luis Castillo went 1-4 with a rbi.

Yankees Recap

The New York Yankees defeated the Detroit Tigers today by a score of 12-3. AJ Burnett made his first start and it was a huge success. He went 2 innings facing the minimum 6 batters giving up 1 hit that was wiped out by a double play. It only took him 17 pitches to complete 2 innings. One of the scouts had him hitting 98 on the gun and when he was told that he said really, I didn't mean too. This guy has a great arm, if he stays healthy I think he is the key to this pitching staff. You can pretty much pencil CC and Wang down for 18-20 wins and 200+innings. If AJ as a number three is healthy he can win 16-18 and now this staff may be the best in baseball with Pettitte and Joba on the back end capable of winning double digits also. Phil Hughes came in relief and pitched 3 hitless innings, he had 2 walks but struck out four. In the spring so far he has thrown 7 2/3 innings giving up 3 hits, 2 runs, 3 walks, 8 strikeouts. I know you can't go by spring numbers but he seems like a man on a mission, he is healthy and remember he is still only 22 years old. If this guy can stay healthy for a whole year he will still be a very good pitcher. Brian Bruney had his first rough outing of the spring pitching 1 inning giving up 1 hit and 2 runs with 1 walk and strikeout. Mark Melancon pitched a inning with 1 walk and 1 strikeout. On the offensive side of things Melky Cabrera went 1-2 with 2 walks so he had himself a good day trying to stay in the race for the CF job. Xavier Nady went 1-3 with a solo homerun, Nick Swisher was 0-1 but had a rbi and 3 walks. Brett Gardner went 0-3 coming off the bench. Hideki Matsui playing in back to back games was 0-1 but did draw 2 walks and also ran the bases well. Cody Ransom the new thirdbaseman for the time being was 2-2, Angel Berroa still trying to make the team as a backup went 2-3 with 4 rbi, he has been hitting well but his defense hasn't been great and that can hurt him. The Yankees Andy Pettitte will make his first start tomorrow at home against the Blue Jays. Ian Kennedy and Dan Giese are supposed to follow him in relief.

New York Yankees @ Detroit Tigers

The linup and pitching for todays game is as follows: 1. Cabrera(cf) 2. Damon(lf) 3. Swisher(1b) 4. Matsui(dh) 5. Nady(rf) 6. Ransom(3b) 7. Molina(c) 8. Berroa(ss) 9. Bernier(2b) Pitching is AJ Burnett making his first start followed by Phil Hughes, Brian Bruney, Andrew Brackman and Mark Melancon. This is a great group of pitchers going today and it will be interesting to watch how they fare. Arod is gone for awhile and I expect for sure to see Cody Ransom play 3b everday now, the question now is who will be the utility guy, Ransom was expected to be but now they can carry an extra guy until Arod gets back, so its between Berroa who has been hitting but hasn't looked great in the field, Bernier, Leone who are basically journeyman or do they give it to a younger guy like Ramiro Pena or Eduardo Nunez, this will be interesting to watch. The other option is the Yankees could go out and sign Mark Grudzielanek for cheap to be the backup or to play until arod comes back and then be the backup. I think I would just go with Cody Ransom and see who the backup will be and as long as the pitching is healthy they should be fine until Arod comes back probably by May.

Breaking News: Arod to Have Surgery tomorrow

New York Yankees star third baseman Alex Rodriguez will have surgery tomorrow in Vail,Colorado. He is having a less invasive surgery done which will keep him out 6-9 weeks and then he can come back be fine and have a second surgery in the offseason to completely fix his problem. He has an impingement which is bone on bone, they will fix the labrum now and then the impingement after the season, that would sideline him 3-4 months. He will stay in Vail for several weeks, so he may be back by late April. I think this was a good decision as he may only miss the first month and the Yankees can cover that and then when he comes back be good to go for the rest of the season. Yankees GM Brian Cashman said he thinks this is the right call based on the information they had gotten.

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