Monday, February 13, 2012

Yankees starting to get down to Tampa

The Yankees pitchers and catchers officially report on Sunday.  The associated press though is already in Tampa and there are several Yankees already down there.  Erik Boland one of the beat writers is also down there, it is time to escape the winter although it hasn't been so bad in New York and get down to the warmer climates of Florida. 

The question now is will A.J. Burnett be with the Yankees when they report.  I would say no but there still is no deal.  The sides are still talking as the Pirates and Yankees try to agree on money and prospects, I think the money is more of a factor.  The other question is who will be the Yankees DH as full squads report six days after the pitchers and catchers. 

Derek Jeter as always is one of the first ones down there.  Justin Maxwell, Ramiro Pena, Austin Romine, Ivan Nova, Dave Robertson, Corey Wade, Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances are also down there.  Phil Hughes is down there and the story is that he looks to be in much better shape, may have lost 20 pounds.  Hughes himself said it isn't weight but more of fat turning to muscle.  Whatever it is that is a good sign and he looks to get his career back on track after a tough 2011. 

It should be a busy rest of the week heading into pitchers and catchers reporting this week.  Dont worry fans the winter is almost over and baseball will soon be back. 

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