Sunday, February 2, 2014

Michael Strahan is a hall of famer

Michael Strahan is a Hall Of Famer

Michael Strahan is a former New York Giant football player. He is also currently a daytime talk show host along with Kelly Ripa. He replaced Regis Philbin on the Live with Regis and Kelly show and now it is the Live with Kelly and Michael show. He also is on the set of the fox pre game show on Sunday for the NFL. He was a great football player and is now being recognized for it. Michael Strahan got elected to the pro football hall of fame on Saturday night.

His career was 15 years long and he only played for one team. He holds the single season record for sacks and had over 140 in his career. He also won a super bowl in his final season of 2007. He was drafted in 1993 and played only nine games due to injuries. He had a breakout year in 1997 recording 14 sacks. He appeared in his first pro bowl that season. In 1998 he had 15 sacks and appeared in the pro bowl once again. The Giants appeared in the 2000 Super Bowl and lost and then won the Super Bowl in his last season of 2007.

Strahan retired with 141.5 sacks, 854 career tackles, 4 career interceptions, 24 forced fumbles and 3 career touchdowns. He was in the pro bowl seven times; in his first year of eligibility in 2013 he failed to make the hall of fame. He made it on his second try though. He set the record with 22.5 sacks in a season back in 2001.

Strahan has been on quite a run first getting to be the co-host on Live after Regis Philbin left and now a hall of famer. He is credited with taking the Live show to new heights. The ratings have been through the roof and now he will get to celebrate all in his life as a hall of famer.

The Giants put out a lot of congratulations on Saturday night to him. They can all be read on


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