Saturday, January 2, 2010

NFL Week 17

The New York Giants will play their final game of the season tomorrow afternoon in Minnesota. The Giants would like to win the game to finish the season on a positive note and also have a winning season, they are currently 8-7. The New York Jet on the other hand will play tomorrow night at home against the Cincinatti Bengals needing a win to get into the playoffs. I am pretty sure that the Bengals are going to rest their starters making it much easier on the Jets. I don't see how the Jets are going to lose this game and I don't really see how the Giants are going to win their game. The reason I can't see the Giants winning is because the Vikings will still be playing for a chance at the second seed which is homefield advantage and a bye. I am sure Brett Favre will be coming out throwing the ball all over and the Giants defense just isn't up to the task of stopping anyone. I could see the Giants offense competing and going out with a bang but if anything it will be a high scoring affair. I am going to pick the Vikings in this game by the score of 38-31. I can't see the Jets losing because why would the Bengals play anyone? If the Jets win they will have to travel to Cincy the next week to play them again. The Jets have to go all out and show everything when the Bengals don't have to show them anything and can prepare for them better after they see them up close and personal. I will pick the Jets in this game by the score of 24-17.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Years eve. There really isn't a lot going on and I am sure everyone is relaxing today. I will get back at this regularly starting Monday. I am going to have a preview of the Jets and Giants for this week and then it will be time to start looking at the playoff matchups and all that fun stuff leading to the Super Bowl. Baseball has been pretty quiet lately but I am sure that will start picking back up this week also. I know there are a lot of college bowl games today and tomorrow so enjoy that and we will be back at it on Monday. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading my blog, here is to much success in 2010.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Rival to Red Sox in 2000s -- MLB FanHouse

I know this is a couple of days old but I didn't get a chance to get to this. This article comes from Ed Price of Fanhouse. I just don't get how someone can even think of saying the Red Sox had no rival in this past decade. It is fine if you want to try and make the argument that they are the team of the decade but the Yankees obviously have to be in the discussion. The New York Yankees only missed the playoffs once which was in 2008 and they won 4 pennants and 8 division titles to go along with their 2 bookend World Titles. The Boston Red Sox won 2 titles also, no other team won more then one. The Red Sox also missed the playoffs 4 times in the decade, they won 2 pennants and 1 division title. Please take a look at this article and let him know what you think. No Rival to Red Sox in 2000s -- MLB FanHouse

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How the Bay signing affects the Yankees

The New York Mets signing of Jason Bay has reignited the Hot Stove and it does affect the Yankees as well. The New York Mets needed to get the ball rolling and did a good job here, Yankees fans will be happy that although no one expected him to go back to Boston now it is official. The reason this really affects the Yankees is this it takes another name off of the leftfield list and Johnny Damon has less and less suitors. I am starting to believe more and more he may end up coming back to the Yankees on a 2 yr deal for around the 14 million the Yankees originally offered him. The San Francisco Giants were have said to have interest but with them signing Mark DeRosa for 2 yrs and 12 million they are out of the running, the Mets are of course out now and the St Louis Cardinals if they resign Matt Holliday which seems more likely also with the Red Sox and Yankees not involved and I wouldn't expect them to get involved. I just don't see where else Johnny Damon could wind up, maybe Tampa Bay but he is not going to get more then a 2 yr deal and he isn't going to get anymore then he will get with the Yankees. I also know the Yankees were very interested in Mark DeRosa and the rest of the leftfield market is pretty unappealing to them so where does that leave them?? The Yankees being the Yankees could always jump in on the Matt Holliday sweepstakes but I just don't see that happening with them being steadfast in staying under their budget from last season. I am also sure they won't wind up with Brett Gardner and Jamie Hoffman as the left field platoon so this leads me to believe that they could work something out with Johnny Damon.

Mets jump into the free agent pool

The New York Mets needing to make a splash, have agreed to a contract with Jason Bay. This was first reported by Mike Francessa of WFAN and is now being picked up by everyone else. The deal is a 4 year deal worth 66 million with a easily attainable option for the 5th year according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post. The deal is pending a physical and as long as everything checks out ok with the physical will be announced on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I think this is a good move and will definitely help the Mets as he is a good player but he isn't a superstar like Matt Holliday and also the Mets need pitching. The Mets and their fans have to be happy with this move as they are showing a sign of life at least. The Mets and free agent catcher Bengie Molina appear far apart still but I suspect that they will sign him eventually. The question now for the Mets is where do they turn for pitching help. Carlos Zambrano is available as the Yankees talked to the Cubs before obtaining Javier Vazquez and I wonder if they could make a deal happen there. I know Zambrano has makeup issues and has been injured the last couple of years but he would serve as a good number 2 pitcher for this team and allow Mike Pelfrey to become the 3rd starter and slide Oliver Perez down to 4th where he belongs. I would guess just by being healthy the Mets will be 5-10 games better next year but they do need another pitcher and that isn't R.A. Dickey or Kelvim Escobar who they have signed already.

Monday, December 28, 2009

New York Jets control their destiny

The New York Jets came into Indianapolis yesterday needing to win their final 2 games but also needing a lot of help. They had everything break right for them in the other games and then the Colts lied down for them in the second half setting up a controversial victory. Peyton Manning was visibly upset on the sidelines but said all the right things after the game. The New York Jets will be thankful for the gift they have and now all they have to do is beat the Cincinatti Bengals at home on Sunday. The Bengals won't be playing for anything and if the Jets beat them they will travel to Cincy the following week to play a playoff game so I am sure the Bengals wont bother showing up for this meaningless game to them. I think the Jets will win pretty easily and see them again the following week in Cincinatti. The Jets will take it because in this league their is no backing in, they deserve credit for fighting hard and not giving up all the way to the end and they should be rewarded for it. Mark Sanchez didn't have to do much as the Jets pounded the ball and played good defense which are the staples of the team. The Jets need to keep doing this if they are going to go anywhere the rest of the season.

The Giants come up small

The New York Giants played their final home game ever at Giants Stadium. They unbelievably didn't bother showing up to the swan song of the stadium. The Giants looked great on their opening drive and then had a touchdown called back because of holding, a couple of plays later Eli Manning converted a third down pass that was good enough for a first down but Mario Manningham fumbled it away. The Carolina Panthers stormed right down the field and kicked a field goal but all the life seemed to come out of the Giants as they couldn't do much else offensively their next couple of possessions and in the meantime their defense couldn't make one stop as Carolina scored everytime they had the ball and before you knew it, it was 24-0. This was a embarrassing performance and the fans let the home team hear it. Tom Coughlin had to be utterly disgusted and I am sure he let his team know after the game. The Giants were officially eliminated late last night when Dallas won their game in Washington 17-0. I am sure this will earn first year defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan a trip to the unemployment line. I wouldn't be suprised either if there were some other changes like the offensive coordinator and maybe Osi Uminyora won't be back like he indicated after the game. I wonder also if the Giants will try and trade Brandon Jacobs. I know one thing for sure they need some good linebackers and they need a new defensive coordinator to clean up this mess. I am going to say in a early guess that Dick Jauron the former Bills coach who was fired a couple of weeks ago will be the Giants new defensive coordinator next season.

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