Friday, November 28, 2008

Some quick thoughts

Stephon Marbury has been suspended for 1 game by the Knicks and told to stay away to at least monday. It doesnt look like he will be on the team too much longer. I knew the Detroit Lions were bad but, wow seeing them on TV, they are really really bad, i think some college teams may be able to beat them. The last 2 weeks the Arizona Cardinals were beat at home by the Giants and now punished in Philly,i guess they aren't for real, just a product of a bad division. The Dallas Cowboys, sure they looked good again yesterday but before all the boys fans get too excited they beat up on 2 bad teams that they had to beat and now they play the Steelers,Giants,Ravens and Eagles, so they still have a long way to go before they even make the playoffs, if they do get in then i think they may be the team that has the best shot at taking down the Giants, but lets see how these last 4 weeks go first. If I were the Yankees I would of been at the Sabathias house eating Thanksgiving dinner with him and his family yesterday, i think thats a good time to get into his good graces, with lots of good food. Everyone enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving to all, the football games aren't too attractive for turkey day but it is a tradition. I am not so sure the Detroit Lions are going to win a game this year, and after the Titans got trounced by the Jets it looks like this will be a blowout. All the Giants fans will be interested in the Cowboys and Seahawks, but Seattle having to travel to Dallas doesn't look too good for a team that isn't so good. The night game is a fascinating game to me with the Cards traveling to Philly, of course we also have the subplot of Donovan Mcnabb. I think this is the end for him and his coach Andy Reid. Did anyone see the Knicks last night? It is nice to dream and we all would love to see Lebron but do you think that showing by the Knicks made a good impression on him, i dont think so. In the world of baseball this should make us all feel warm and happy as winter approaches, the New York Yankees pitchers and catchers will be reporting on February 13 and the first game is February 25, the earliest start in 60 years. The Yankees will be playing 33 grapefruit league games. Lets not forget also that the Cubs will be in the new stadium for 2 exhibtion games to finish it off before the real season begins. Will CC be reporting to Tampa, who knows, i for one am a little skeptical of the Angels offer, if they were really going to do it, wouldn't it of happened already?? Do we really think also if they do get somewhat close that the Yanks wont go to 7-160. I would bet on him still being a Yankee in the near future. As for the Mets well it looks like they are about to offer Fuentes and K-rod contracts, they really should just lock up K-rod and move on but they may want both or one and then another guy like Huston Street for the 8th inning, good thinking by them, because that pen is a mess and remember Heilman is going to be traded since they wont make him a starter. I dont think there is much else going on in the baseball world, oh did anyone notice the Pirates signing 2 Indian pitchers and I mean from India not the Cleveland Indians. I dont know how much posting i will be doing the next couple of days, everyone enjoy the holiday and if anything major breaks i am sure i will write about it, otherwise have a happy and healthy one.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Thoughts/Opinions

Isn't it interesting that the Mets name their new stadium Citi Field and now the company is collapsing? Is it possible that CC could visit Lebron tonight in NY and maybe get a tour and talk to the yanks? We all know the problems the NFL had with the Pittsburgh game last week, but every week the officiating is just atrocious,if this was baseball everyone would be going nuts why not the NFL. It makes you think when most of us are struggling to make ends meet, and a guy like CC Sabathia can sit on 140million and not jump at it, doesn't seem fair to me. I know the fans all want Lebron,but is it really ok to basically throw away the next 2 yrs to hope you land Lebron when its no guarantee? Why in the NY papers today do we see matchups of the Jets and Giants,dont you think those teams have to worry about other teams? There is a long way to go before the Super Bowl,seems a lil premature to me, but i guess they have to sell papers. If the Angels are really jumping in on CC, I think the Yanks need to make a bold move of their own and jump in on Tex and see what happens. If the Yankees fail on CC, and dont get Burnett or Lowe or only land one, looks like we will be seeing more of Phil Hughes after all, did everyone forget about him? The NY Rangers are tied for 1st in the conference with the Boston Bruins, can we be having another NY/Boston war in another sport. We always have the Sox and Yanks, and we had the Pats and Giants in the Super Bowl, maybe we will have this battle all hockey season.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hot Stove League

I heard today that the Red Sox have offered a 1 yr deal to their Captain Jason Varitek but then Scott Boras denied it. Japanese pitcher Tazawa got 4 bids,one of them being the Red Sox but the Rangers are believed to be the high bidder on him. Sweeny Murti of WFAN is reporting that Edgar Renteria has signed a 2 yr deal with the San Francisco Giants, no confirmation on that yet. AJ Burnett is saying today that he will not sign a deal until CC does, so i have to wonder what if CC says he wont sign until AJ does and then they just both dont get signed, you got to love it. Mark Texiera says he wants a new team before xmas, so if im the Yankees i would offer 8-176 and hope that CC gets the hint that they are not going to wait around for him, and maybe they will get their first baseman also and then move swisher to the OF and trade Damon or Matsui. In Anaheim they are not confident at all in Tex coming back to them, the papers out there are saying he would of signed already if he had any intention of coming back. I am not sure but will Dodgers pitcher Chad Billingsly injury affect their pursuit of free agents maybe going after CC, i dont know but that could be interesting.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Ok I have to admit it, the Jets finally impressed me. What a win in beating the previously unbeaten Titans in Tennesee. I am sure this week the talk of the Jets/Giants Super Bowl will start heating up again, as for me I prefer to just say they will both be in the playoffs and lets see what happens from there. The Giants just continue to roll along, not much to say about them. What other team can lose their #1 RB and WR and not miss a beat. What a game for Domenick Hixon who had 260+ all purpose yards. They have been running the ball like crazy for the last few weeks and now today Arizona took away the run and they just threw it all over. I dont know how you can beat them without them beating themselves,this is one amazing run the Giants are on, not only are they 6-0 at home this year, they have now won 15 of their last 16 on the road. Carolina lost today so they have a 2 game lead with 5 to go for the 1 seed, on the Bucs also. I think this should do it for the posts for today,if anything major breaks i will post it otherwise i will be back tomorrow.

Fall Leagues+Hot Stove

I dont know why I didn't mention this earlier but I will start with Phil Hughes in the Arizona Fall League. He has just completed the season there with 30IP,21H,2-0 3.00ERA,13BB,38K 198avg against. He was one of the youngest pitchers in this league and I think everyone tends to forget how young he is. The reports are that he was consistently sitting 93-95 withIf his fastball. I have always said this but I really think with him it is a matter of staying healthy,he has the stuff to be a 1 or 2 starter in this league. If you watch the last start of last year he made in Toronto he looked awesome. Juan Miranda and Austin Jackson were also out in Arizona. Miranda batted 301 w 5 homers and 20Rbi,378 OBP in 73At bats. Jackson batted 248,1hr and 18 rbi,298obp,114abs. Humberto Sanchez was also in arizona and really had a miserable time. These are the most prominent guys there. Andrew Brackman was in Hawaii along with Jeremy Bleich. Brackman was 3-4 w a 5.56era,34IP,31H,25BB,36K. Brackman just came off Tommy John so the important thing is for him to be pitching and be healthy. Bleich was the 44th overall pick for the Yanks this past yr out of stanford his numbers were 3-2 1.77ERA,35.2IP,29H,12BB,33K. This was his first pro action and he had a very good time in Hawaii-he is a guy to watch as he may rise through the minors fast. There were some other guys but I think these were the most important. Buster Olney of had an interesting take on the Knicks clearing room for Lebron James and how it could of helped the Yanks in their pursuit of CC,they are close friends and CC went to watch Lebron the other night,wonder if they were talking about playing in NY at the same time? This is interesting,lets hope CC comes by the end of thanksgiving weekend.

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