Monday, January 13, 2014

Alex Rodriguez out for 162 games and probably his career

Alex Rodriguez out for 162 games probably his career

The ruling came down on Saturday afternoon from arbitrator Frederic Horowicz. Alex Rodriguez initial 211 game ban had been reduced to 162 games including the playoffs if the Yankees do make it in 2014. The Arod camp immediately responded forcefully saying they were very upset with this and would take it to the higher court. It is a hail mary legally for them to actually get this overturned and have an injunction so he can start the season with the New York Yankees. Is there a chance, of course there is but it may be a one or two percent chance.

The story of Alex Rodriguez may be one of the more sad ones there is. He had it all, good looks, amazing skill, lots of money, fame and a bright future as a hall of fame player who may have owned a lot of records. He is now just a disgraced baseball player who is the face of the steroid era and that isn’t a good thing. He will sit out all of 2014 barring a miracle and then still have three years and 61 million left on his Yankees contract, which will run through 2017. He will try to come back in 2015 after virtually missing two years and coming up on 40 years old. The stack is really stacked against him there as he has said. The Yankees of course also may just say that they can take the 61 million dollar hit and just pay him to go away. He has stated that he will come to spring training next month but I can guarantee the Yankees want nothing to do with him and may send him to the minor league side or he may just be posturing. In any case this is far from over even though it really is over for him.

His team will try and take this to court, try to get an injunction but it will all be for nothing as he spends more and more money to just have to take his suspension and move on. The problem for Arod is he probably believes his own lies by now and he does care about playing baseball and now that is being stripped away and he doesn’t know what to do. The saddest part in a way is that he could have probably taken a 100 game ban and been done with it and come back in the second half of this upcoming season. He didn’t do that and now it is costing him even more, his money, fame and his reputation, which is long gone now. It will be interesting to see how the Yankees now react and what they come up with to keep him away now and for good. Stay tuned for the never-ending drama As the Arod turns.

There was a piece on 60 minutes tonight with Anthony Bosch putting some things out there about Arod. My take on the whole thing was that everyone comes out looking dirty. Bosch of course, Arod of course and Bud Selig and Rob Manfred. I think that MLB has railroaded Arod but I am not defending him at all. I do believe he is a liar and a cheat and should of quit while he was ahead. I think MLB paid off Anthony Bosch who of course then told them whatever they wanted to hear since he would no longer be in trouble. I think Arod should have gotten up under oath if he was really innocent and I think commissioner Selig should of shown up in the arbitration hearing and faced Arod also. I don’t think any of this is going away anytime soon and I think it just looks bad for everyone involved.


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