Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yankees Offseason begins quickly

The New York Yankees offseason started earlier then they expected.  The Yankees were eliminated from the postseason at the hands of the Detroit Tigers in Game Five of the ALDS.  The Yankees mantra is to win the World Series every year so losing in the first round is a huge disappointment, especially after having the best record in the AL and homefield advantage due to that.  The Yankees though have addressed what probably were there two biggest issues of the offseason already. 

CC Sabathia the unquestioned ace of the staff had an opt out clause in his deal for October 31, 2011.  That was on Monday and a few hours before he could even opt out the Yankees and Sabathia agreed to a contract extension.  The Yankees have their ace for the next five years and that is a great move.  It also worked out well for Sabathia who not only made money but came off looking great in the process also. 

The original contract had four more years left on it which would of taken Sabathia through 2015.  It will have a fifth year extension on it for 2016 and a vesting club option for 2017.  Sabathia is 31 years old and has played three seasons with the Yankees where his record is 59-23.  His ERA in that time is 3.18, and he has won at least 19 games in each of those seasons.  He is the first major leaguer with at least three straight 19 win seasons since Randy Johnson in 2000-2002.  He is only the fourth Yankees to accomplish the feat.  Vic Rashi, Red Ruffing and Jack Chesboro are the three others to accomplish the feat. 

Sabathia said all along that he wanted to stay in New York that he loves it here and he now lives in NJ fulltime and that his family really loves it there.  He said that was a major factor in the decision.  He also said he didn't want to be a free agent, that he doesn't like the whole process and he wanted to stay with the Yankees without going through that, he wants to finish his career with them and hopes that this will accomplish that.  The weight issue was brough up and Sabathia said he will be proactive, that he did let himself go during the season but that didn't affect his performance.  He said he wants to be out there every fifth day for the team and if that means losing weight then he is going to do that, and he will be doing that again in the offseason. 

The other big thing for the Yankees is that they resigned their General Manger Brian Cashman yesterday.  Cashman started with the Yankees as a 19 year old intern in the minor league and scouting department and has been there ever since.  He became the GM on February 3, 1998 and has won four World Championships in that time.  His clubs have won 11 division titles and 6 AL titles in that span and made the playoffs in 13 of the 14 years.  His feat of reaching the playoffs in his first 10 seasons is unmatched in baseball history.  The Yankees are very comfortable with Cashman and that will continue for at least three more years.  He has the third longest tenure among current GM's and is longest serving Yankees GM since Ed Barrows in 1920 until 1945.  I like the fact that the Yankees are still owned by the Steinbrenner family and Cashman is the GM, they are successful and part of it id because they have the same people running the show for all these years.  It is a big departure from the 80's when there was so much change and upheaval. 

The Yankees center fielder and second baseman are in Taiwan now competing in a exhibition with major league all stars against the Taiwanese national team.  They also both won the silver slugger award at their respective positions today. 

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