Sunday, March 13, 2022

Lockout over, Spring Training Begins

 The New York Yankees and everyone else have reported to Spring training today.  The Yankees right now 

still haven’t made any moves.  I could be wrong about this but I’m guessing they are hoping and working 

on Freddie Freeman and if they get him they will work on trades and move to SS.  If they don’t get him 

they can quickly pivot to Olson and a pitcher from Oakland in a trade or Correa/Story for SS.  I know

fans are panicking and manager Aaron Boone did say today Gio Urshela is his SS right now and they

can win with what they have.  I don’t buy it though and also what is he supposed to say?  We are no good.

There is still a lot of free agents out there and a lot can happen but who is there now needs to get in shape.

I don’t think though on April 7th this will be the team but we will see.  


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