Saturday, November 22, 2008

CC where are you?

I know all of us Yankee fans are growing impatient because we just cant see what is so hard about accepting a 6 yr 140+million contract. I am sure CC and his agent are waiting for the Dodgers,Giants,Angels but the truth is I dont think any of them will be bidding. The Dodgers are more worried about Manny, the Giants dont have the money with that terrible Zito contract on their hands and the Angels are concentrating on Tex. I think shortly after thanksgiving CC will realize he is waiting for something that isn't going to happen and take the Yankees offers, lets sure hope so because that should get everything going with the rest of the pitchers and probably Tex. I think Lowe will head back to Boston or maybe to the Mets and I just think unless Burnett comes down to 4 years the Yanks wont sign him and the more I think of it good, they need to just sign Tex after CC, get Pett back for cheaper and then see whats left and think of a 2 yr contract for sheets or something like that. I have been saying since April to just sign CC and Tex and I still feel the same way, they wouldn't be in terrible shape with CC,Wang,Joba,Pett,Hughes and what a infield/lineup with Tex. The Mets well i dont know what they are doing. They should just offer Krod the 4 years, but they are saying they dont want to go past 3 yrs for him or Fuentes and may end up getting a closer in a trade, think JJ Putz. I would rather just spend the money then trade chips and spend money but the Mets are a team that could screw up finding their way out of a paper bag, and that Citi Field deal isn't looking so good now. Look for another name, as Citibank keeps tanking and soon may be out of business. In other news, not much going on Furcal may be heading to the Giants or A's and I haven't heard much else.


  1. CC should just sign right now. There is no way any other team is going to match the Yankee's offer. Any updates on Peavy?

  2. NO update on Peavy, he doesn't want to come to the Yanks and they haven't even talked to the Pads in weeks. I am still betting on him ending up in Atlanta.



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