Friday, December 12, 2008

Yanks add another one who's next?

The Yankees and AJ Burnett have agreed to a 5 yr deal worth 82.5 million. The Yankees now have CC,AJ,Wang,Joba and hopefully Petitte will come back and be the 5th starter otherwise they may be moving on to somewhere else. I know everyone is worried about AJ staying healthy and that is a legit concern but my question to you is this, are the Yankees better with CC and AJ then they were with Ponson and Rasner? I think we all know the answer to that. AJ Burnett cant beat us anymore so thats a plus and he always beats the Red Sux so thats another plus and when he is healthy he is a dominant pitcher. He may get hurt but he will give us innings unlike Pavano. Joba as a 4th starter, that is scary. The Yankees also have a great bullpen. They may not get Manny or Tex now although i wouldn't be suprised. If they dont though, this reminds me of the old Yanks, Pitching,D and find a way to score some runs with little ball.

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