Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Joba Chamberlain story

This link came via the Lohud Yankees Blog and Sam Borden. It is a story about Joba Chamberlain being at a Native American Reservation where he grew up and talking to the schoolkids and also giving them some yankees paraphernalia and autographs. It is good to see that he learned from his mistakes of a year ago when he had the DUI. I met Joba Chamberlain when he was with the Trenton Thunder not too long before he came to the majors and he was a really cool guy. He signed for everyone that day also and really interacted with all of us. I still feel he can be a very good starting pitcher but I can also seem him back in the pen this year. If the Yankees don't sign another pitcher I wouldn't mind him and Hughes in the back of the rotation though. It is funny though that this year Phil Hughes will have the rule and Joba will be turned loose. I hope you guys enjoy this article, dont forget to click on the link. share Posted using ShareThis


  1. joba in bullpen,that is where he belongs,better in the pen,huges the starter.

  2. I think the Yankees may actually be leaning this way now, I think Joba can be a effective starter but it is hard to argue with him in the bullpen also. Just remember he was pretty good as a starter till they started messing with him last year.



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