Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I went to see Moneyball finally tonight and I was very happy that I did do so.  It was pretty much what I thought but there was more inside the clubhouse stuff then I thought.  I would say you need to be a baseball fan and understand Moneyball and the whole concept to see it.  There were some woman in the audience and from what I could tell they don't know what was going on and didn't really care for the movie which makes sense.  I am a baseball enthusiast and nerd if you want to say that so I really enjoyed it as well as my brother who is the same.  I believe you need to be into baseball and understand it to get the movie and enjoy it. 

What is moneyball??  Moneyball is about the Oakland Athletics being a small market team and because they were losing players to bigger markets they came up with a sabermetric approach to baseball.  Moneyball has many different layers and can be very complicated.  The A's under Billy Beane and his top advisor Paul Depodesta came up with a statistical analysis approach to building their team and it worked. 

There are many teams now that have adopted that, the Boston Red Sox being the biggest example, the Toronto Blue Jays are another and to some extent I would say just about every team has some principles of it in their organization.  The Yankees even do some things in that model although they are still the Yankees and will spend money.  There are several teams including the Yankees who have sabermetric people on their stuff. 

Brad Pitt as the lead actor, he was Billy Beane did a great job but I think Jonah Hill was even better playing the part of Paul Depodesta who was Beanes sidekick and now is a member of the Mets front office.  I think the movie was pretty accurate, there are always some things you can say because it is a movie.  I didn't notice any fatal flaws though, I think Pitt accurately portrayed Beane and Depodesta was accurately portrayed as well.  They got the 20 game winning streak right from the Athletics 2002 season.  I think certain players were portrayed well, overall it was a very good move.  I would recommend this movie to any baseball fan and especially the hardcore fans such as myself. 

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