Thursday, November 24, 2011

NJ Outlaws vs. Danbury Whalers-11/23/11 Live Blog

We are here at the Capital One Ice Vault Arena in Wayne,NJ. The Outlaws are on their third game fo the five game homestand. This is a good matchup tonight as they are taking on the only team that they have lost too this season. The two teams have played four games so far this season and have split the four games. The Outlaws only have two losses on the season and they have both come to the Whalers. The games have all been close games and this one figures to be no different.

**We are just over five minutes away from the puck dropping. The puck has dropped and we are three minutes into the game and nothing doing as of yet. It has been a very crisp, clean game so far.

**Matthew Puntureri takes a tripping penalty at the 3:29 mark of the first period. Danbury takes a 1-0 lead on a power play goal at the 4:32 mark of hte first period. Danbury continues to put some pressure on the Outlaws after the goal was scored. They are controlling the game so far outshooting the Outlaws 7-1.

**The Outlaws tie the game at the 12:20 mark of the first period. It was a 2-1, but the goal was scored on the rebound by #9 Goffredo. Luke Flicek assisted on the goal. The Outlaws have picked up their play in the second half of this period and are now outshooting the whalers 11-9. It has continued to be a very fast moving, clean period.

**The first period comes to a close, it was a fast moving period and ends in a 1-1 tie. The shots for the period were 16 for the Outlaws and 13 for the Whalers. The second period has started, we are just under two minutes in and Kevin Cooper has taken a penalty. The Whalers will have their second power play of the game. They are 1-1 so far on the power play. The Whalers will have a 32 second two man advantage as Matt Miller of the Outlaws goes off the ice at the 3:30 mark of the second period. The Outlaws have 44 seconds left in their penalty as they killed off the first one. The Outlaws have killed off both penalties as we head to the 11 minute mark of the 3rd period.

**The Outlaws have killed off the first penalty and are working on the second one now. The Outlaws have killed off both penalties, lets see if they get some momentum from that. The Outlaws have the 18-15 shot advantage. The Outlaws score a goal at the 5:54 mark of the second period. The goal was scored by #10 Anthony Battaglia. The Outlaws have a 2-1 lead. The Outlaws go on their first power play of the game at the 6:15 mark of the second period. The Outlaws have a couple of really good chances and the Danbury goalies denies them as the power play is killed off. The Outlaws score a goal at the 9:04 mark of the second period. #9 Goffredo scores his second of the game on a nice wrist shot from the left side.

**The Outlaws score another goal to take a 4-1 lead at the 9:51 mark of the second period. They have really dominated the second period. The goal was scored by Nathan Oke and assisted by Goffredo who is having a great game. There is nine minutes left in the second and the Outlaws have a 4-1 lead and a commanding lead in shots now. The majority of the play has been in the Whalers zone this period. the Outlaws go on a power play as three guys go in the box but the Outlaws come away with the power play. The power play is killed off and with just over two minutes to go in the period the Outlaws maintain a 4-1 lead. The Outlaws have really taken control of the game in the second period. The Outlaws are shorthanded for four minutes. This will carry over into the third period. It is a big chance for the Whalers to get back into the game. The second period ends with the Outlaws leading 4-1 and having a 32-20 advantage in shots. The Outlaws still have 2:22 left in their double minor to #15 William McCreary.

**The Outlaws will be shorthanded here with 15:24 left in the third period. #55 Barr goes off the ice for slashing. The Whalers will have a 50 second two man advantage as #20 Miller gets a elbowing penalty. The Whalers cut the lead to 4-2 as #9 Martin Moucha scores his first goal of the season. The whalers have a little more then half of hte period to come back. This game is becoming tight, will the Outlaws hold them off or will the Whalers get even closer??

**The Outlaws get their goal back at the 10:13 mark of the third period. The goal is scored by Luke Flicek and it was assisted by Goffredo and McCreary. Flicek scores another goal with 59 seconds left to give the Outlaws a 6-2 lead. Tyler Barr and Corey Fulton get into a fight with 10 seconds left in the game.

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