Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some randon MLB news and notes

The Cardinals signed Rafael Furcal to a two year deal.  It has been reported that Hiroyuki Nakajima, he is the Japanese shortstop that the Yankees won the bidding on would not sign a deal with the Yankees.  There was translation today of an article from Japan where he basically says he wants to play in the states and he praises the Yankees and it looks like they will be able to get a deal done with him.  I don't know if he would be filler in the minor leagues or if he could be a utility man on the big club and give Derek Jeter some extra days off.  We will see how this plays out over the next month if they can agree to a deal. 

Yu Darvish the Japanese pitcher is another guy to keep your eye on as teams have until Wednesday to submit bids.  The Yankees have been lukewarm on if they are going to do so but I think that may just be a game they are playing to get the other teams thinking they won't and then have lower bids.  We will see what happens with this. 

The Diamondbacks and Athletics made a big five player deal.  The Diamondbacks got Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow for three prospects.  The Rays did a good job of locking up young Matt Moore their special pitcher.  These are the kind of deals the Rays must make to remain competitive as a small market and they have done a good job of that.  The deal is for a guaranteed 14 million over five years and 40 million over eight. 

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