Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The New York Yankees continue to add players as they near the magic 189

The New York Yankees continue to add players as they near the magic 189

The New York Yankees added switch-hitting second baseman Brian Roberts on Tuesday and left handed reliever Matt Thornton. These were two low cost guys that have been good in the past. Thornton is replacing Boone Logan who got way too much for the Yankees. Thornton signed a two-year deal for about seven million. If he is used as strictly a lefty-to-lefty guy he can be good. He still throws hard although he used to throw a lot harder.

Brian Roberts has played his entire career with the Baltimore Orioles so the Yankees and their fans know him well. He hasn’t really had a good season since 2009 and has been hampered by injuries. He is a low cost high reward type guy. His deal is for one year and two million with incentives. Roberts has been an all-star twice. He plays good defense. He used to steal some bases and have some pop. The Yankees are hoping he stays healthy can gets back to his old form or at least close to it. You can’t fault them for trying. If it doesn’t work out like Kevin Youkilis last year then he is gone after the year and if it does you can always resign him.

Roberts is 36 years old and was an all-star in 2005 and 2007. He has played 13 seasons in the major leagues. In 2009 he hit 283 with 16 homeruns and 79 RBI and led the big leagues with 56 doubles. He started with his injury issues the following year though and hasn’t been the same. Roberts last season batted 249 with eight homeruns and 39 RBI. He played in 77 games, which was his highest total in the last four years.


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