Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad news on Gary Carter and other baseball stories

The news came out today that wasn't very good concerning Gary Carter and his battle with cancer.  He is a former Met and Expo, a Hall Of Fame Catcher.  The doctors found more spots on his brain and are deciding what to do.  It sounds very grave and they may stop the treatments.  He is only 57 years old, he does have faith which along with his family is seemingly sustaining him right now.  His daughters released a statement today as well.  His daughters said they are crying for him, they feel so bad for their dad.  He is way too young and all anyone can do right now is pray for he and his family.  Tyler Kepner wrote a nice little article regarding Carter.  The link to that story is here

The Yankees still haven't made the trade with Seattle official or the deal with Hiroki Kuroda.  It isn't that anything is happening to stop the deals.  It is mainly logistics.  Kuroda is still in Japan, Montero is having visa issues and Jose Campos is still in Venezuela. 

Derek Jeter opened up his annual golf tournament down in Tampa yesterday.  He also received the Lou Gehrig Memorial Award.  Here is what he had to say in reference to that "Any award named after Lou Gehrig, it probably means a lot more to me than some other players." 

How about the Fausto Carmona story that came out today.  Police in the Dominican republic say he has been using a fake name and he is actually 31 and not 28 years old.  This happens all the time in other countries like that.  The players fake their age because it looks better for them and helps them get out and to the big leagues.  We are seeing more stories of fake identities also lately.  His real name is being reported as Roberto Hernandez Heredia.  The Cleveland Indians have been blindsided by this and are scrambling to see how they can handle the situation. 

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