Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yankees avoid arbitration with a couple more and other notes

The New York Yankees yesterday agreed to one year deals with relievers Joba Chamberlain and David Robertson.  The deals were for 1.675 million and 1.6 million plus 25,000 in incentives respectively.  The Yankees still have three players who remain eligible for arbitration.  They are Russell Martin who filed for 8.2 million and the Yankees are countering with 7 million, Brett Gardner who filed for 3.2 million and the team offered 2.4 million and Boone Logan who asked for 2.1 million and the team came back with 1.7 million.  We will see if they get deals done with those guys, I would say yes before they go to a hearing. 

The Texas Rangers did what most expected today.  They signed Yu Darvish before the deadline.  He signed a six year deal worth 60 million.  The deadline to reach an agreement was 4:00PM Central time.  Texas feels this is a guy who can help the Rangers get back to the World Series and win it.  They are the two time defending American League Champs but they lost both World Series.  Darvish is a two time Pacific League MVP.  Darvish is guaranteed 54 million plus 4 million possible in roster bonuses.  He can opt out after the fifth year depending on him winning or placing high in the Cy Young race.  A News conference at the ballpark is planned for Friday as Darvish is still in Japan. 

ESPN released it's Sunday night schedule today.  The Yankees will be on Sunday night twice in the first month of the season.  They will be on Sunday night in the third home game of the season against Albert Pujols and the Angels and then again against their rivals the Boston Red Sox.  The New York Mets aren't scheduled to be on at all this year.  I guess I understand it but wow are the Mets really in bad shape right now.  It will be interesting to see how many people decide to show up to Citi Field this season. 

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