Saturday, November 15, 2008


I dont know if there is anyone out there who has even noticed or cares but the Knicks are 6-3. Is that really the knicks or did they put another team in their uniforms. This is the best start that team has had in 10 years and as for the Nets well they are in rebuilding mode-some exciting players though like Devon Harris and Brook Lopez. The New York Rangers are in first place in the division and conference and the Devils have lost Brodeur until February. It looks like they may miss the playoffs this year. If anyone would like to add anything especially regarding the NBA which i dont know much about and really since the days of MJ,Bird,Magic I really dont care all that much please share.

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  1. The Knicks do have an easy schedule to start off the season. But, to their credit, they have been winning. I really like their new coach and the way he is handling Marbury. I don't care how much money the man is making, he has been a cancer to the team and deserves to be benched.



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