Saturday, November 15, 2008

NFL-Week 11

NFL week 11 will be in full swing tomorrow. There are a few interesting games to look at. Who would of thought that the Giants and Jets would both be in first place this late in the season. We have the Ravens and Giants which should be interesting with the number 1 rush D against the number 1 rushing O. I look for the Ravens to try and stop the run and Plaxico Burress to have a break out game. I am looking at Giants 24 Ravens 17. The Redskins and Cowboys should be a good game. I am rooting for the Cowboys, ok i know how can a Giants fan root for the Bo wys? Well if the Boys beat the Skins then everyone in the division has at least 4 losses and if the Giants win they have 1 and would have beaten all those teams at least once. It would take a miracle at that point to beat the Giants out for the division. The Jets fans will look at the Chargers at Pittsburgh. If Pittsburgh loses the Jets can really start looking at maybe getting a 2 seed in the playoffs which would give them homefield and a bye. Wouldn't it be interesting if the Giants and Jets both make the Championship game,what would they do since they both play at Giants Stadium. Everyone enjoy the games and lets Go Giants.

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